Wikipedia Malayalam
- Article on the language, its history, phonology, dialects, relationship to other languages and links.
UCLA Malayalam Profile
- Article with diagram on Malayalam history, grammar, vocabulary, role in society, dialects etc.
Omniglot Malayalam
- Info on the Malayalam script & its origin, a chart of all the letters and a collection of links.
- Short article on the language, its history, literature, script, dialects, and current status.
Malayalam Detailed Description from the Rosetta Project
- Article on Malayalam speakers, literature and grammars published about Malayalam.
NVTC Malayalam
- Concise information on the language, script, grammar, vocabulary, phonology and dialects of Oriya.

Ente Malayalam
- Interactive course with exercises & audio, with sections on Malayalam script, vocabulary, grammar, proverbs, riddles etc.
Peace Corps: A Course in Colloquial Malayalam by R. Moag & R. Moag, 1967
- Drill based course using romanization, with grammar & pronunciation notes, conversations & useful phrases for aid workers.
Malayalam: A University Course and a Reference Grammar by R. F. Moag, 1980
- Teaches Malayalam script and the written language, with grammar notes, exercises, conversations and reading passages. Audio available here.

Learn Malayalam
- Useful phrases and vocab written in romanization, with audio.
Jai Malayalam
- Short lessons teaching Malayalam grammar, survival Malayalam, exercises, poetry and articles about the language.
Grammar of Spoken Malayalam
- Concise guide to grammatical structures, tenses, verbs, adjectives etc, with some audio and example sentences.
Learn Malayalam Quick
- 3 videos teaching simple Malayalam sentences and the grammar used.
- Interactive exercises with audio for learning Malayalam vocab.
Language Reef
- Designed for children learning Malayalam with their parents, teaches the script & basic vocabulary with games & worksheets. No audio.

Malayalam Language Tutor
- Charts of letters in the Malayalam alphabet, showing how to write each character with audio.
Malayala Manorama
- Shows how to write letters in Malayalam script, with audio and example words.
Jai Malayalam
- More advanced lessons on conjugated letters and the old Malayalam script, with audio and exercises.
Scripts of all of Asia & Brahmi Scripts
- Comparative charts of Asian & Brahmi descended scripts.

Malayalam: A Grammatical Sketch and a Text by H. Jiang, 2010
- A technical grammar using romanization, and also analyses authentic Malayalam speech.
Tamil Nadu Textbooks Online
- Lots of Malayalam textbooks and poetry & prose readers for different school grades.
Malayalam for Kids
- Short e-books on Malayalam script, animals, birds, stories, poems and songs.
Learn Malayalam
- PDF files on the alphabet, numbers colours, animals, birds, fruit, flashcards, worksheets, etc.

Unilang South Asian Languages
- Small but active forum with several useful threads and active learners of Malayalam.

Authentic Material
Malayalam Authors
- Biographies of prominent Malayalam authors and audio readings.
Malayalam Literature
- History of Malayalam literature, short biographies of authors and two books available to read online.

- A Firefox & Windows download for typing phonetically in Malayalam. Simple & easy to use.
- Online tool for typing phonetically in Malayalam.
UniNagari: The simple, no-frills Indic typewriter
- Online tool for typing in Malayalam using the online keyboard layout.
Malayalam Resource Centre
- 4 fonts available to download.
Hindi-Malayalam Common Vocabulary
- Browsable three way dictionary in Hindi, Malayalam & English.
MashiThantu Dictionary
- Searchable English-Malayalam & Malayalam-English dictionary.