Omniglot Uyghur
- Information on the language & script and links.
Wikipedia Uyghur
- Information on the history, sounds, grammar and writing system of Uyghur.
ウイグル語とは?, ウイグル語を学びたい人のために, & ウイグル語をもっと学びたい人のために by しみずゆりこ, 2005 Only available in Japanese
- Article about the Uyghur language, the experience of the author in learning Uyghur and recommended study resources.
UCLA Uighur profile
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Uighur. 
NVTC Uyghur
- Concise information on the language, dialects, structure, writing and links for online resources.
ウイグル語お役立ちぺーじ Only available in Japanese
- Article about the Arabic script used for writing Uyghur, as well as a collection of different fonts to download. 

Greetings from the Teklimakan: A Handbook of Modern Uyghur by T. Engesæth, M. Yakup & A. Dwyer, 2009
- Thorough course with dialogues, grammar & culture notes, vocabulary, exercises and audio. Great resource for serious students.
Éling, Éling! from 東京外国語大学, 2007 Only available in Japanese
- Textbook with dialogues, vocabulary, grammar & culture notes and exercises. Looks like it takes you to quite a high level.
Uighur Language
- Several lessons, dialogues, texts, lists of phrases, dictionaries etc. Very good resource but some parts of the site are broken.
Intermediate Listening & Reading Project
- Multimedia lessons to improve a student's listening and reading skills in Uyghur. Free registration required.

- A phrasebook, dictionary, grammar and more. Only available in Russian and Uyghur.
Orientaal's Links to Turkic Languages
- A collection of useful links for Uyghur.
ウイグル語ことはじめ Only available in Japanese
- Great site with grammar explanations, vocab lists, conversation phrases and info on the script & language. Really useful.

Central Asian News
- News articles in simplified language from Indiana university. 

A Textbook of Uyghur Grammar by T. Engesaeth
- Audio for the dialogues from the book.
Spoken Uyghur by R. F. Hahn
- Audio for the 1st 4 units of 'Spoken Uyghur'. A lot of the book is available for preview on Google Books.
現代ウイグル語接辞索引き from 東京外国語大学, 2007
- List of grammatical suffixes and explanations of their usage.

Uyghur Language
- A yahoo group for discussing technical matters concerning the Uyghur language. For serious students.

Uighur Language
- Blog with large collection of vocabulary, phrases, proverbs etc, conversations, articles, texts in Uyghur and more. Uses Latin script.
The New Dominion
- Blog with news about Xinjiang, also has a series of lessons teaching survival Uygur and posts about the language.

Authentic Material
TRT Uyghur, Radio Free Asia & China Radio International
- World news and radio in Uyghur.
Uyghur TV
- Collection of TV clips, songs and videos in Uyghur.

The Uyghur-English Dictionary
- Searchable dictionary, most useful in searching Uyghur to English.
Uyghur Dictionary
- A multi-directional dictionary between English, Uyghur & Chinese.
- Unicode fonts to download and an Uyghur toolbox for Windows.
Uyghur Unicode Fonts
- Several styles of Uyghur fonts available to download.

Beginning Uyghur for English Speakers by R. D. Gaines, 2010
- Textbook with audio teaching survival level Uyghur. Also comes with a pdf guide for learning the Uyghur Arabic script.