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Wikipedia Tagalog
- Lots of info on the history of the language, dialects, phonology, grammar, writing system etc.
Intro to the Tagalog Language
- Info on the history of Tagalog, its linguistic features and Filipino in the United States.
About Tagalog by Pisith Phlong
- Article about the history of Tagalog, dialects, script, comparisons to Western languages and more.
Tagalog: A Brief Look at a National Language by C. Rubino, 1998
- Article about the history of Tagalog, its grammar and its relationship to other Philippine languages.
Omniglot Tagalog
- Information on the language, writing systems and pronunciation.
UCLA Tagalog profile
- Article with diagram on the history, dialects, script, grammar and role in society of Tagalog. 
Heritage Voices: Tagalog
- Info on the state of Tagalog in the U.S., pronunciation, dialects, stress and writing system.
- Info on Pilipino vocab and foreign influences on the language.
Transparent Tagalog
- Overview of the language, vocab, politeness levels and grammar.
A Guide to the Study of Southeast Asian Languages by E. Riddle, K. Carpenter, C. J. Compton & J. Wheatley, 2000
- Great article with loads of advice on learning a language, strategies, learning different skills, maintaining a language etc.
Filipino? Tagalog? Pilipino?
- Nice essay on why there are three names for one language.
Tagalog or Filipino? 2008
- The opinion of a linguistics student on the Tagalog/Filipino issue.

Courses Beginners +/Basic
Beginning Tagalog from SEAsite
- A course in 2 parts with dialogs, audio, interactive exercises, vocab, grammar explanations, songs. Great to bring you to a basic level in Tagalog.
Headstart for the Phillipines (+audio)
- Comprehensive course covering the basics of Tagalog, lots of exercises, drills, quizzes, conversations, grammar notes and more.
L-Lingo Tagalog Available in English, French, German & Spanish
- Interactive course with 40 lessons using pictures, audio and exercises to teach Tagalog phrases and vocabulary.
TUFS Language Modules Only available in Japanese
- Huge course teaching Tagalog through video & audio; with pronunciation, dialogue, grammar & vocab sections. A Moodle version is available here.

Courses Intermediate +/Sustainment
Intermediate Tagalog from SEAsite
- Several courses on reading, grammar and thematic lessons with audio and songs etc. Lots of content, looks really good.
Weekly Training Events by the Defense Language Institute
- Improve your Tagalog with listening & reading lessons from authentic material. Intermediate level.
University of Hawaii Filipino Lessons
- Several reading & listening lessons with interactive exercises, a grammar guide and glossary.

Transparent Tagalog
- Quizzes, games and survival phrases with audio.
Sarisari etc...
- Lots of articles on the language, the ancient Philippine script, Filipino history, pronunciation, vocabulary etc.
DLI Field Support
- A basic language survival kit with audio in Tagalog is available.
SEAsite Tagalog
- Fantastic site with vocab guides, grammar reference, dictionary, short stories & songs in Tagalog and info on Philippine culture.
Learn Filipino/Tagalog
- 100+ mini lessons, interactive quizzes, vocab and verb guides etc.
Tagalog Lang
- Lots of guides on words & phrases with audio, quizzes, grammar info and more.
Unilang Tagalog for Beginners
- 10 lesson course with basic grammar, pronunciation and exercises. No audio unfortunately.
101 Tagalog
- An extensive phrasebook, pronunciation guides and info on the language.
大阪外国語大学eラーニング Only available in Japanese
- Several videos of Tagalog conversations with subtitled Tagalog transcript and Japanese translation.
Bud Brown teaches Tagalog
- 19 + short video lessons for learning Tagalog.
Digital Dialects
- Flash based exercises for learning some basic vocabulary.
Learn Tagalog the easy way!
- A short vocab list compared with Ilocano, Bilocano & Cebuano.
Tagalog Quiz
- An interactive quiz that keeps track of your score.
Brahmi Scripts
- Comparative charts of Brahmi descended scripts.

Tagalog Language Correspondance Course for Peace Corps Workers 1994
- 21 modules with grammar notes, dialogues and exercises. The scan quality is slightly bad but the content looks good.
Peace Corps Tagalog through Cartoons 1992
- Cartoon strips in Tagalog with grammar explanations, exercises and cultural explanations.
Peace Corps Tagalog Language Packet by P. B. Meman, 1990
- A phrasebook, workbook, textbook, glossary and grammar guide.
Advanced Tagalog Reader by T. V. Ramos, 1985
- 30 essays on academic subjects like history, sociology, politics etc, with vocab lists, questions and exercises.
ピリピノ語研修テキスト (Pilipino Language Training Textbook) by S. Ikehata, 1984 (no. A143-144)
フィリピノ語研修テキスト (Pilipino Language Training Textbook) by W. Muyalgas, 1992 (no. A217-219)
- Complimentary copies of these textbooks can sometimes be obtained from the university.

- Teaches situational Tagalog through dialogues, which it then breaks down into vocab and grammar points. Beginner's lessons and advanced audio blogs available so far.
Pinoy podcast
- Learn to speak basic Tagalog and get stories from the Phillipines.
Learn Tagalog Show
- Lessons range from simple to challenging, with supplementary material.
- Chatty podcasts with newbie and elementary levels, based on the Chinesepod format. Supplementary PDFs also available.
Survival Phrases Filipino
- 10 lessons and PDF guides available free, 50 more to pay for.

Unilang Other Languages
- Some Tagalog related threads can be found on this forum.
Phrasebase Tagalog
- A fairly quiet forum with some lessons and useful posts.

- Downloadable and online searchable two-way dictionary.
Tagalog English Dictionary
- Small searchable two-way dictionary with a list of idioms.