So you want to learn a language

Hi, and welcome!

I've gathered a collection of useful links for anyone wanting to learn a language. My motivation was to create a place where all of the useful language learning links could be gathered in one place, instead of being spread out over different sites.

The 'Specific Languages' page contains 55 mainly Asian languages as of now and each language has a number of different links for instructional language materials, including language courses, forums, e-books, podcasts etc.

The 'General Language' section contains links for general language learning websites, language learning blogs, articles on language learning & more.

The 'Language tips' section contains tips on how to learn a language, with sections on motivation, language tools, language methods and authentic material. Note: This is still incomplete & being added to.

The 'Podcasts' section contains links for useful instructional language podcasts.

'Language e-books' contains about 2, 422 links for language e-book courses, grammars and vocabularies for 429 languages, with more being added regularly.

'Video Courses' contains links for full courses available in video format, with or without supplementary material.

You can also browse more than 2000 of my language bookmarks on Delicious. Any useful websites I find are added to Delicious first and everything is organised and tagged, so it's a great place to look if you can't find something here, such as websites for languages not included in the 'Specific Languages' page.

This website is still a work-in-progress so do please bear with me as I work everything out.

If you would like to help by adding some links, or if you have any suggestions to improve this site, please send me an e-mail!

If you have found a broken link, then please read this guide about what to do.


08/10/14 - Unfortunately, this website is no longer being actively updated but will be left here as an archive. However, I do check my email from time to time so I will probably get back to any e-mailers eventually.

23/07/12 - Podcasts section updated with new podcasts added for Arabic, Bulgarian, Dutch, Finnish, Flemish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Persian, Tagalog, Vietnamese and Multiple Languages.

06/09/11 - Georgian added.

11/05/11 - Flashcards added. This contains flashcard files for the SRS jMemorize.

29/11/10 - Kyrgyz added.

27/11/10 - Kazakh added.

17/10/10 - Turkmen added.

30/05/10 - Azerbaijani added.

03/04/10 - Finally figured out the formatting issue, but it will probably take a while to fix all the pages.

10/03/10 - We have been moved from Google Pages to Google Sites, and this seems to have messed up some issues like formatting. Updates will probably be sporadic until I can sort this all out.

28/02/10 - Kashmiri added.

16/01/10 - Cebuano added.

15/01/10 - Urdu added.