Unit 4: Physical Geography and Natural Systems - NEW FALL 2018

Lesson # and Approx. Date
 Lesson Plan & Main Concepts
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January 7th
Introduction to Physical Geography


January 8th


January 9th

Plate Tectonics & Earth's History - Part 2  

January 10th

Types of Rocks and the Rock Cycle

January 11th

Canada's Landform Regions

January 14th

 Introduction to Weather and Climate 

January 15th 

Climate Controls & Climate Graphs Analysis  


January 16th

Physical Geography Quiz and Introduction to the Culminating Project

January 17th


Culminating Project Work Period #1

January 18th

Culminating Project Work Period #2


January 21st

Culminating Project Work Period #3

January 22nd

                                 Culminating Project Work Period #4

January 23rd



January 24th


Geological Timeline of the Earth

Important Upcoming Dates 

January 16th Introduce Final Culminating Project

January 17th, 18th, 21st & 22nd:  Final Culminating Project (in class work periods - 4 in total)

January  22nd @ end of the period: Final Culminating Project is DUE! (late submissions will not be accepted)

January 23rd & 24th : Course Review and Wrap-Up

January 29th (Period 3) & 30th (Period 4) FINAL EXAM (1.5 hours) - 15% of your Final grade.

3. Start Video: Geologic Journey - The Canadian Shield (student worksheet)   (50 min. - we will finish tomorrow in class) - there will be a long answer question re: this video on the Unit test next wee

3. Landforms of Canada - Crossword Puzzle & Clues (Crossword - Answers)

4. Kahoot: Landform Regions of Canada (For Durk $'s)

Focus Questions

1.What is a glacier?

2. What are the two general categories of glaciers?

3. Describe the general appearance and formation of moraines, drumlins and eskers.

4. Describe how a glacier advances and recedes.

5. Why is the melting of glaciers worldwide of significant concern for earth scientists?

Unit #4 Test - Physical Geography & Natural Systems

  / 80 marks

/ 40 Multiple Choice 
/ 5 Climate Graph(s) and Analysis
/ 10 Rock Cycle / Plate Tectonics Diagrams
/ 20 Matching (terms with definitions)
/ 10 Long Answer: Climate Change 

January 19th - 25th: Final Culminating Project  - 5 in-class work periods (15%)

January 26th & 27th: Exam Review and Recap