Module #25 - Global Climate Change Summit

Today each country will have 5 - 10 minutes to present their case to the rest of the countries of at the Environmental Summit. Each country should explain if they support the Kyoto Protocol and the idea of reducing greenhouse gases within their nation. Please outline the major economic, social and environmental factors that played a role in your government's decision(s). Please use graphics (including statistics, charts and diagrams) to portray your stance. (20 marks per group member. See marking checklist below)

Content of Presentation (i.e. inofrmation, graphics)                                                    / 10 marks

Format and Quality of Presentation (i.e. voice control, attention to detail)                / 10 marks

After the initial presentations, we will sit a round circle and we will have a formal debate. Individual members will have the opportunity to criticize other countries participation or lack of participation in attempting to combat climate change. (10 marks per group member - each member is expected to participate fully in the discussion / debate)


1. Why does your country support (or not support) the Kyoto Protocol?

2. Where do GHG emissions come from within your country? (industry, agriculture, transport)

3. Who's responsibility is global climate change? What actions need to be taken?

4. What possible solutions do you think that individual countries MUST take to combat climate change? How can these be enforced on a global scale?

5. Which country is the leading cause of climate change? What country (ies) are leading the way to solving the climate crisis?