Unit 1 - Planetary Systems & Earth's Biosphere

Lesson # and Approx. Date
 Lesson Plan & Main Concepts
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September 5th
Introduction to Forces of Nature


September 6th


September 7th

Module #1: Ice Breaker: Intro to Physical Geography 

September 8th

Planetary Systems: An Introduction

September 11th

Origins of Our Solar System - Part I

September 12th

Module #2: Solar Systems Origins
Module #1 DUE TODAY

September 13th

Solar Storms: Should we be worried?

September 14th

Interactive Webquest: The Big Blue Marble

September 15th


Asteroids and Meteorites / KT Impact Event
*Natural Disaster Friday Presentation!

September 18th


                                     Asteroids - Deadly Impact    

September 19th


* Quiz #1 today during Module #3 

September 20th

                                Asteroids - Deadly Impact
September 21st



September 22nd



September 25th

September 26th



September 27th


                 Module #4: Earth's Spheres and the Gaia Hypothesis      

September 28th


*Natural Disaster Friday Presentation #3!

October 2nd

Module #5: Biogeochemical Cycles 

October 3rd


                                                 Module #5 IS DUE                      

October 4th

October 5th

Unit 1 Review: Planetary Systems and the Biosphere


October 6th


                   Unit 1 Test: Planetary Systems and the Biosphere


March 4th

Natural Disaster Friday & Introduction to Biomes

3. Rapid Recap and Review from last day: What are biomes? How are they classified? World Biomes Link

HW: Chapter 22: Read pages 378 - 385 & 388 - 391. Answer questions 2 - 5, 7 - 10 on pages 399 - 400. Please have completed for Monday. 

Key Terms: Littoral, Diurnal Temperature Range, Biodiversity, Symbiotic, Niche, Emergents, Epiphytes, Parasites, arboreal, camouflage, oxisols, Slash and burn agriculture.

* Module #5 DUE on Tuesday March 8th.

Learning Goals that lead to Course Enduring Understandings

By the end of this lesson I will be able to...

1. explain how organisms / species coexist in the tropical rainforest biome.

2. describe how trees in the tropical rainforest grow so tall.

3. explain the different processes that cycle nutrients throughout this biome.


      Case Study: Tropical Rainforests Continued..

1. Video of the Day: Tropical Rainforest Facts

2. Take up answers from Video: Planet Earth - Jungle worksheet

3. Take up and discuss textbook work from last day. Rapid Recap / Review...quiz?

4. Rainforests Scavenger Hunt - pleasc complete during today's class (HW if not)

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* Module #5 DUE tomorrow.  



                                  CASE STUDY
By the end of this lesson I will be able to...