Unit 3 - Earth's Geologic and Surface Processes

Welcome to Unit 3 - Earth's Geologic Processes. In this unit we will explore the some of the processes that shape our planet and affect people around the world. More specifically we will examine mass movements, glaciers, hydrology, oceans, rivers, lakes and look at case studies that include some of Earth's most controversial natural resources. 

Lesson # and Approx. Date
 Lesson Plan & Main Concepts
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November 22nd

Weathering, Erosion, Soils and Mass Wasting

November 23rd

November 24th

Mass Movements and Case Study: Oso Washington Landslide 2014
Natural Disaster Presentation

November 28th

Glaciers and Glaciation

November 29th

Assembly Today - no class, students must read over Module #14 in preparation for tomorrow's lesson.

November 30th

 Module #14: Glaciers and Glaciation 

December 1st


Melting Glaciers and Affected Populations (Group Activity) - Presentations

December 2nd

The Ultimate Shape Shifter - Part 1
Field Trip: ROM

December 5th


Case Study: Melting Point Greenland

December 6th



December 7th

Module #16: Three Gorges Dam Debate 

December 8th

December 9th

                          Blue Gold and World Water Wars
                                    Natural Disaster Presentation 

December 12th


  Module #14: Glaciers and Glaciation 

Module #15: Wave Action and Coastal Features 
(OMIT - Spring 2016)









1. Video: Blue Gold: World Water Wars (The story of the world's freshwater supply)(student worksheet) (85 min.) - Blue Gold Official Website


May 11th

(Chapter 10: Pages 154-167)

1. How is the protection of lakes and rivers a local,       regional and global issue?

2. What technological and geographical methods can we use to determine if a river is likely to flood? 
3. What are the impacts of urbanization and                 industrialization on hydrology?  

* Unit 3: "Quest" on Tuesday May 17th. Review on the weekend and on Monday!

      A Case Study of the Alberta Oil Sands (OMIT - Spring 2016)




2. Today is a catch-up day for this unit - including the textbook work from earlier in the unit. Review package and test format provided below.


           May 17th

                       1. Unit 3 "Quest": Earth Processes

Part A: Multiple Choice (20 marks)
Part B: Matching (20 marks)
Part C: Long Answer Questions - Enduring Understandings (20 marks)

         60 marks total.

                           (Omitted from Spring 2016 class)