Module #17 - Resource Use and Misuse - Case Study: Alberta Tar Sands


1. Watch the following Video Case Study:  Video of the Day:  The Alberta Oil Sands: To the Last Drop - Part 1 , Part 2 (45 minutes)

YouTube Video

Be sure to make point form notes  from this video in your digital video journal. Please make sure this document is SHARED with Mr. Durk.  Mr. Durk will be evaluating your Video journals today, so 10 marks of your Module today will be based on the quality and quantity of your journal.

2. Complete Part 2: Blog Posting (see below) and post onto the Discussion Board (using the LMS) (10 marks)

3. If you have time left over, you can update your notebook and / or read quietly.

DUE DATE:  Submit all components to Mr. Durk before Module #18 (May 8th, 2013)

Part 2: Blog Posting 

Drop Box Log in to the LMS. Complete a post under Module #17 answering the following question:

1. Take a firm stance on the Alberta Tar Sands Debate. Are you for the continued development of the Alberta tar sands? or are you against it? Write a series of paragraphs that provide evidence to support your stance on this topic (minimum of 250 words). Include links and references to external websites (ideally university or government sites). Your stance should clear, and you must provide specific examples and facts that back-up your claims. This is major issue within Canada, and we will be discussing further in our final unit of the course as it directly related to Global Climate Change.

2. Comment on at least two other posts from your peers. Describe why you agree or disagree with their stance.


Alberta Energy

Greenpeace Canada

Tar Sands Watch

Alberta Government

Be prepared to back-up your stance in class!