Unit 2 - Structures of the Earth (Geology)

Welcome to Unit 2 - Structures of the Earth. In this unit we will explore the geological features that shape our planet and those processes that affect us. More specifically we will examine geological time, the internal structure of Earth, rocks, minerals, plate tectonics, earthquakes, volcanoes, tsunamis and much much more!

Lesson # and Approx. Date
 Lesson Plan & Main Concepts
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October 10th

Examining the Structure of the Earth

October 11th


October 12th

Module #6: Internal Structures of the Earth

October 13th

Earth's Core - A Documentary

October 16th

Introduction to Geological Time - Part I

October 17th

Introduction to Geological Time - Part II
*Natural Disaster Presentation!

October 18th
(Parent - Teacher Interviews - Shortened Periods Today)

Module #7: Geological Timeline of the Earth

October 19th

Earth's Geological History - Part I

October 20th


Earth's Geological History - Part II
*Natural Disaster Friday Presentation!

October 23rd



October 24th


October 25th

                           Classification of Rocks (Rock Lab)                                  
October 26th

                                       Rocks & Minerals - Part II


October 27th


*Natural Disaster Friday Presentation #5

October 30th

October 31st


                            Introduction to Plate Tectonics


November 1st


                 Module #9: Plate Tectonics, History and Evidence         

November 2nd


November 3rd

Video - Colliding Continents

November 6th

                                  Module #10: Earthquakes
                             *Natural Disaster Friday Presentation #4!               
November 7th


November 8th

Earthquakes and Seismology - Part III


November 9th


                          Volcanic Eruptions and Hazards - Part I
*Natural Disaster Friday Presentation #6! 

November 10th

 "The Impossible"


November 13th

"The Impossible" - Part II


November 14th

Module #11: Volcanoes 

November 15th

     Gizmo - Earthquakes


November 16th

                   Field Trip to the University of Waterloo TODAY!

                                         Tsunami's Continued... 
              (complete on Thursday if you are not on field trip -
                                       which is most of you)


November 17th

          Unit 2 Review: Structures of the Earth and Geology
*Natural Disaster Presentation!   


November 20th

               Unit 2 Test: Structures of the Earth & Geology 

Part A: Multiple Choice - 30 marks

Part B: Matching - 20 marks

Part C: Long Answer / Paragraph Responses - 20 marks

TOTAL:                / 70 marks


3. Unit 2 Review Package - Review period on Tuesday, TEST on Wednesday April 27th!

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Video: Mt. St. Helen's Eruption of 1980 (54 min.) (student response sheet) - please complete for HW if we do not watch all in class.