Unit 1 - Mapping and Geographic Skills

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Intro. to Canadian Geography
February 5th
  1. Introductions
6. CGC 1P Course Outline

9. Photography Permission Form (permission to use photographs of students from field trips, class activities, etc for use on this website). Please return to Mr. Durk ASAP.
 1. Explore Mr. Durk's website (Complete Mr. Durk's Website Scavenger Hunt and receive a "Durk Dollar" tomorrow)
2. Get a binder, ruler, pencil crayons, pencils and a calculator (things you will need for class on a regular basis)
3. Get course outline signed by a parent / guardian and return to class tomorrow.

  1. Geographic Photo of the Day
2. Pick up textbooks from the JFR library (bring your student card with you in order to get a textbook out)



Geography Matters!

7. CBC Online News Journal (First 10 minutes of each class)

Blank CBC Online Journal Sheet
8. Video: The World in Spatial Terms? (student worksheet) (23 min.)
 Today I am introducing an assignment that is on-going throughout the course. Each day for the first 10 minutes of class we will be watching the CBC online news broadcast (The National). The purpose of this is to stay informed on what is occurring in and around the world and within Canada. You will be required to make point form notes of the major news stories from each day, and be prepared to discuss some of these major stories (the ones that involve Canada's involvement in World events and issues) with the rest of the class.

Consider the following...
1. Why does Geography matter?
2. What are two career paths that involve a good background in Geography?
3. Why would Geography be considered an "all encompassing" discipline?

  1. Geographic Photo of the Day
2. CBC Online News Journal

4. Introduce Canada's Extremes Crossword Puzzle (students will have time to complete tomorrow in class)

          The MacKenzie River in the North-west Territories 
           is the longest river in Canada and flows North-west  
           into the Beaufort Sea.

  1. Geographic Photo of the Day
2. CBC Online News Journal 
3. Finish Canada's Extremes Crossword Puzzle (~ 30 minutes). 

 - Be sure to carefully follow all of the mapping guidelines while producing and labelling any map.

- atlases cannot be taken home, but can be borrowed from the JFR library.

- You will have time next lesson to continue working on your maps.

Resources (if you need a new map)


February 11th
 1. Geographic Photo of the Day
2. CBC Online News Journal 
DUE: Day #7
 - Today you had lots of time to work on and maybe finish your Mapping Our World assignment. Please be sure to have this completed by Day #7. 


  1. Geographic Photo of the Day
2. CBC Online News Journal 
3. Brainpop Video: Latitude and Longitude

 - I will give you more time in class tomorrow to work on Latitude and Longitude: Pin-pointing places using a special grid system.


  1. Geographic Photo of the Day
2. CBC Online News Journal
4. Rapid Recap!...how much do you remember?

- Complete the "Amazing Race Across Canada" for Homework if not completed in class.

Focus Questions

1. What are lines of latitude and longitude used for?

2. How many minutes are in 1 degree of latitude / longitude?

3. What is Guelph's approximate latitude and longitude coordinates?


  1. Geographic Photo of the Day

2.  CBC Online News Journal 

4. Brainpop Video: Timezones!


- finish timezones map of Canada
- finish timezones calculation / questions

Canada has a total of 6 timezones. WE live in the Eastern Standard Timezone (GMT - 5 hours)

  1. Geographic Photo of the Day
2. CBC Online News Journal 
3. Take up Timezones Calculations / Questions from last day.
4. PPT: Map Scales (students copy down note)

7. Textbook Reading & Questions: Read pages 43 - 48. Answer questions 1 - 5 & 8 - 10 (Answers)

- complete the 2 worksheets (if not completed in class)

1. Measuring Distances Between 2 points

2. Comparing Maps at Different Scales

- complete map scales textbook questions assigned. 


February 19th
2. CBC Online News Journal 
3. Rapid Recap!

5. Take up textbook questions (map scales) from last day.

DUE: Day #2 of the Human Geography Unit 


  1. Geographic Photo of the Day
2. CBC Online News Journal 
3. Continue working on "My Compass Rose AssignmentDUE: Day #2 of Unit 2.

4. Study and review your notes for Unit 1 Test tomorrow.

February 21st
  1. Geographic Photo of the Day
2. Unit 1 Test - Geographic Skills

TEST FORMAT - 74 marks

Part A: Introduction to Canada (10 marks)
Part B: Latitude and Longitude (8 marks)
Part C: The Compass Rose (8 marks)
Part D: True / False (8 marks)
Part E: Time Zone Calculations (18 marks)
Part F: Map Scales (10 marks)
Part G: Map of Canada (12 marks)