Unit 4 - Geological Processes & Plate Tectonics

Lesson # and Approx. Date
 Lesson Plan & Main Concepts
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May 4th

Introduction to Geological Processes & Weathering and Erosion


May 5th

Types and Causes of Mass Movements

May 8th

Lab Activity #7: Weathering, Erosion and Mass Movements

May 9th

Mass Movements Continued...

Quiz #10: Chapter 7

May 10th

Killer Landslides and ISU Research

May 11th


Lab Activity #8: Mass Movements 

May 12th

Unit 3 Summative DUE TODAY!

(Please work in the Library or Student Cafe Only)

May 15th

Teacher-Student Conferences - ISU - Day #1

May 16th

May 17th

Quiz #11: Chapter 8 & 9

May 18th

                         Introduction to Plate Tectonics                                  
May 19th

                           Introduction to Plate Tectonics - Part 2

May 23rd


May 24th

May 25th

                       Introduction to Volcanoes & Volcanology
Quiz #12: Chapter 17

May 26th


                       Lab #9: Earthquakes and Seismology  

May 29th


May 30th

SES in the NEws #9 and Assignment #5
Introduce Final Assignment #5 (DUE: Friday June 16th)


May 31st

Quiz #13: Voclanoes: Chapter 18

June 1st

June 2nd

June 5th

ISU RESEARCH PAPERS ARE DUE TODAY BY 11:59pm! (please share with Mr. Durk in your SES 4U: ISU folder)

June 6th


Mr. Durk is on field trip with his grade 9 class

June 7th

Earthquakes and Seismology
SES Debate #10: Earthquake Prediction

June 8th

SES Debate #10: Earthquake Prediction
Quiz #14: Earthquakes and Seismology (Chapter 19)

June 9th

Unit 4 Review : Geological Processes 

 Lab #10: Earthquakes and Seismology 
(OMIT - Spring 2017)

June 12th

Unit 4 Test: Geological Processes

Important Upcoming Dates - Spring 2017

June 13th - 16th: ISU Seminars - 3 per day (20 - 25 min. each). Students will have an opportunity to earn BONUS marks by completing peer reviews of each of the seminars (minimum of 20). Mr. Durk will explain.

June 16th: Assignment #5 is DUE (Those that have completed the other 4 assignments can opt out if they wish)

June 19th & 20th: Exam Review and Course Wrap-Up - ISU Research papers / grades will be returned by June 21st. 

Wed. June 21st: FINAL EXAM - 2 hours (15 % of Final grade in the course)






















6. Introduce Unit 4 Summative Assignment - Creating an Interactive Model or 
Film Analysis (evaluation rubric) - This is your FINAL ASSIGNMENT FOR THE COURSE 
(other than the culminating - ISU) - DUE: Friday January 8th, 2016





Niagara Falls Activity - please complete during your ISP today
Use this link to find most or all of the answers. 


Useful Pre-Trip Links 

How Stuff Works - Niagara Falls 


2.Finish  Video: A World Without Water (student worksheet) and take up response sheet as a class.























4. Unit 4 Review: Geological Processes 


January 11th
Unit 4 Test 
(Final Unit Test of the course)

1. Unit 4 Test - Geological Processes (100 marks) 

Part A: 40 marks (Multiple Choice)

Part B: 30 marks (Fill in the Blanks) - from PPT presentations

Part C: 20 marks (Matching) 

Part D: 10 marks (Long Answer) 

* NOTE: ISU Seminars start on Thursday January 14th. Be sure to check the Seminar schedule to see when you are presenting. BE PREPARED!