Module #6 - The Tropical Rainforest Ecosystem


1. Watch the Video of the Day: Borneo: Unmasking the Truth (38 min.) and make point-form notes in your Video Journal (on Google Docs - you may make paper and pencil notes and transfer these notes at a later date if you wish). You may also want to take some key points from the summary on the youtube page. Remember that you should aim to have at least one major "point" for each 5 minutes of video. A long answer question from this video will be on the Unit 1 Test.

2. Global Rainforest Case Study: Choose one other country from the list below that is struggling to preserve their tropical rainforest ecosystem. List and describe the problems, major concerns and any possible solutions to their rainforest crisis. Your analysis of the issue should be between 250 - 400 words (in your own words, provide references to external links). In your analysis of this issue, please include the following: a map, 2 photographs and a minimum of 2 graphs / charts that related directly to this issue. As part of your analysi, provide specific examples and terminology if possible. 

Brazil, Democratic Republic of Congo, Peru, Indonesia, Australia, Colombia, Bolivia, Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Philipines, Thailand, Cameroon, Ecuador, India, Laos, Venezuela, Sri Lanka, Mynamar and Malaysia. 

NOTE: Students may choose the same country...

NOTE: This module is DUE by FRIDAY March 11th (11:59pm) as our next Module isn't until March 29th.

Map of the World Showing Areas that contain

Tropical Rainforests