Unit 1: Canada and World Issues

Enduring Understandings for the Human Systems Unit - we will be referring back to these many times in the unit / course.

Lesson # and Approx. Date
 Lesson Plan & Main Concepts
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September 4th
Welcome to Issues in Canadian Geography


September 5th


September 6th

Mental Mapping and Travelling Canada

September 7th

Mapping Canada

September 10th

Classifying and Identifying Issues

September 11th

Human Issues in Our World Group Activity
Political Map of Canada DUE TODAY!

September 12th

Human Issues - Mini Presentations

September 13th


Developed and Developing Country Classification

Image result for Developed vs developing countries

September 14th

 Developed and Developing Country Classification - Part II

Image result for Developed vs developing countries cartoon

September 17th


Grade 9 Day @ Chicopee (no class today)

September 18th

                    Understanding Human Development Index (HDI)

Image result for human development index

September 19th

HDI and Canada's International Relationships

Image result for Canada's international relationships

September 20th

Global Connections and Organizations

Image result for nato symbol

September 21st
                    Global Connections and Millennium Goals

Return Map of Canada Assignment



September 24th

                   The United Nations and New Global Goals
Quiz Today! Lessons 1 - 13 
September 25th

                       Introduction to the World Leadership
                             & Development  Conference


September 26th

           Work Period #1: World Leadership Conference
September 27th
              Work Period #2: World Leadership Conference
                *BLUE DAY PEP RALLY TODAY - PERIOD 4. 


October 1st

            Final Day to Prepare for World Leaders Conference
                                  (Summative Evaluation)
October 2nd

 World Leadership Conference Summary