Module #1 - Ice Breaker - Introduction to Geography

What is a module?

Modules are activities designed for independent and group learning. Modules designed for this course allow students to access and progress through course materials at their own pace. Modules are heavily internet based, and therefore each student will have access to their own chromebook for this course. Modules are to be completed independently, however, some modules require students to collaborate and work together on various tasks.

What are the overall educational objectives of online modules?

These activities will provide the student with numerous ways to learn visually and auditory. Online modules allow the student to learn the material in more than one way (as opposed to having a teacher lecture to them all the time). During "module days" Mr. Durk will be circulating around the classroom to assist students with each of the activities that they are completing. Students are expected to bring their own headphones for videos and audio clips. Online modules also allow for students to collaborate using shared documents and blogs.

Welcome to Module # 1. Please be sure to carefully follow the instructions for each of the activities in this course. 


1. Complete all module assignments and activities using UGCloud ONLY. Students are strongly encouraged to take notes electronically or with pen and paper if they wish. 

2. Share with Mr. Durk (put in your Module folder) BEFORE the next module (late modules will get a 10% penalty, up to a maximum of 5 days late. Modules submitted after 5 days will receive a ZERO). via the UGCloud Drive -

3. The subject line for each module should read: Module # - YOUR FULL NAME

4. Some activities will require you to watch and take notes on youtube videos. Be sure to bring your headphones to class each day so that you can watch these videos independently. You will be required to keep a video journal for each of the videos that you watch during the modules and in class. Install Video Notes app to your account to help you keep notes as you go.

5. Make use of the module periods to complete all assignments / activities. Use Mr. Durk as a resource during these periods, he will be circulating around the classroom to help students independently. 

6. Each module a mark out of 10 will be provided based the quality, quantity and detail of your responses and your overall understanding of the topic at hand. In some cases, there will be a quiz to complete at the end of the module that will be accessed through the UGDSB LMS (Mr. Durk will show you how to access this). In many cases, you will be asked to contribute to an online discussion with your peers about the topic at hand. Be sure to view the Module Success Checklist as a guide to completing modules successfully. 

Module #1 - Ice Breaker  (please use this title when submitting)

Part A: Introduction to Physical Geography

Complete the following activity using google docs and submit to Mr. Durk via the UGCloud. Feel free to copy and paste any questions / instructions to your UGCloud document.

This questionnaire is intended to get some background information on every student in our class. Type in your answers under each question. As a follow up to this assignment, you will be asked to share some of this information with your classmates using the discussion board. Please copy and paste these questions onto your google doc along with your answers.

  1. What is your full name?
  2. What are the origins of your name?(for example: Durk - Scottish, German and / or possibly Russian)
  3. Where do you live within Guelph and area? Describe the area (i.e. do you live in a house, apartment, do you live in an urban or rural environment?)
  4. Why did you decide to take Physical Geography (Natural Disasters)?
  5. What do you expect to learn from this course?
  6. What are your hobbies and interests?
  7. In your opinion, what will be the advantages and challenges to taking this course as a partial online course ("blended")?
  8. What was your favourite vacation and why? Please give a detailed geographic description of the region you visited.
  9. Do you have any other questions or comments you would like to address? If so, please elaborate.

Part B:  Discussion...getting the ball rolling on blended learning.

 Discussion - Careers in Physical Geography

This semester I will be using D2L for all online discussions and debates. Be sure you know how to log on before you proceed.

Enter a posting into the discussion area for Unit 1. Introduce yourself to everyone in the class (electronically). List a minimum of 3 fun and / or unique things about yourself that you are willing to share. List at least one (sports, extra curriculars etc) that you enjoy outside of school time.

In addition, please make a comment about one career  (careers in Geography) that you could pursue from taking courses and possibly a degree in Physical Geography (or Geography in general).  List and describe your expectations for this class as a whole.  Your blog posting should be between 100 - 250 words in total.

Enter the D2L (Desire to Learn) and click on the blog / discussion for Module #1.

Part C:  Virtual Field Trip Proposal

 Complete the following assignment and submit your work to Mr. Durk via the Google Share.

In this activity, I would like you to propose a one day field trip (or 2 - 3 nights) to me that we can participate on later in the semester possibly. I would like for you to find a suitable site within a maximum of 3 hour drive of Guelph that would be ideal for exploring unique physical features of the earth's surface. For example, I often take students to Niagara Falls to explore the geology of the escarpment.

Step 1: Choose a site within 3 hour drive of Guelph (please do not choose Niagara Falls). Search the internet to find a site or series of places that would be ideal for a grade 11 Physical Geography field trip.

Step 2: Write a one page (250 - 300 words) field trip proposal to Mr. Durk directly. Who knows? We may even go on your trip this semester? Your proposal should include the following items:

                         a. Describe the general location of the site within Ontario. (include a map)

                         b. Why would this be an ideal site for a field trip for this course? Explain.

                         c. What unique physical features are found at this site? Describe.

                         d. List 5 specific questions that students would be able to explore and answer on this specific trip.

                         e. List 3 websites (and link) at the bottom of your proposal that would be helpful in planning this                                  field  trip.

Step 3: Submit your assignment to the Mr. Durk via UGCloud (Share) for assessment.