Unit 3 - Recording Earth's Geological History and Earth's Materials

Lesson # and Approx. Date
 Lesson Plan & Main Concepts
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October 22nd

Introduction to Geology and Geologic Time & SES in the News

October 23rd


October 24th

October 25th

SES Lab Exercise #4: History of the Earth

October 26th

Quiz #5: Fossils and the Fossil Record (Chapter 21)

October 29th

October 30th

October 31st

Introduction to Minerals

November 1st

Mining and Minerals in Canada.
Quiz #6: Earth's Geological History (Chapters 22-24) 

November 2nd

ISP PERIOD TODAY as Mr. Durk is on a Field Trip with Grade 9's

November 5th

SES in the News #8 and Mineral Identification Activity

November 6th

Mineral Identification Activity Continued...

November 7th

Case Study: The Alberta Oil Sands vs Dubai: Desert to Greatest City 
  Quiz #7: Minerals (Chapter 4) 

November 8th

SES Lab Activity #5: Mining and Minerals

November 9th


                                      Identifying Types of Rocks 

                         (Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic) 


November 12th

Types of Rocks Identification Activity

November 13th

SES in the News #8 & Geologic Wonders of the World Assignment (#4)

November 14th


Introduction of the Final Culminating Project (15%)

November 15th


(students not on the trip have an ISP - please go to library or Cafe only)

November 16th


Quiz #8: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks (Chapters 5 & 6)

November 19th

November 20th

Part A: Multiple Choice - 30 marks

Part B: Prepared Long Answer - 20 marks

Part C: Rocks and Minerals - 20 marks (don't forget your charts)

Part D: The Rock Cycle Diagram - 10 marks

Part E: Matching - terms and definitions - 20 marks
TOTAL: 100 marks

                             Unit 4 Starts Tomorrow (Final unit of the course)

Other Resources from this Unit

Video: Geologic Journey - The Canadian Shield  (student worksheet) (45 min.) - ANSWERS

 Video: Earth: A History - Full Documentary (90 min.) - it time permits or on another date if applicable