Unit 3 - Recording Earth's Geological History and Earth's Materials

Lesson # and Approx. Date
 Lesson Plan & Main Concepts
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March 30th

Introduction to Geology and Geologic Time

March 31st


April 3rd

The Day the Earth Nearly Died - Mass Extinctions

April 4th

April 5th

Quiz #5: Fossils and the Fossil Record (Chapter 21)
April 6th

Introduction to Minerals

April 7th

SES Lab Activity #4: Understanding Earth's History 
(Kale and Thomas)
April 10th

Mining and Minerals in Canada.
Quiz #6: Earth's Geological History (Chapters 22-24) 
April 11th

SES in the News #5 (Kale)
April 12th

Mineral Identification Lab Activity 

April 13th

SES Lab Activity #5: Mining and Minerals 
(Jack and Alex)
April 18th

SES in the News #6

April 19th

Introduction of the Final Culminating Project (15%)
  Quiz #7: Minerals (Chapter 4) 

April 20th

Case Study: The Alberta Oil Sands Debate

April 21st

                               Identifying Types of Rocks 
                 (Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic) 


April 24th

SES Lab Activity #6: The Story that Rocks can Tell 

(Megan and Sterre)

April 25th

SES in the News #7

April 26th


Types of Rocks Identification Activity 

Quiz #8: Igneous, Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks (Chapters 5 & 6)

April 27th



Work Period: Catch up on Rock / Mineral Labs, activities and ISU Research

May 1st



Geology Case Study: A Crude Awakening (The Future of Oil)

Unit Review: Recording Earth's Geological History and Earth's Materials

May 2nd

May 3rd

Part A: Multiple Choice - 30 marks

Part B: Prepared Long Answer - 20 marks

Part C: Rocks and Minerals - 20 marks (don't forget your charts)

Part D: The Rock Cycle Diagram - 10 marks

Part E: Matching - terms and definitions - 20 marks
TOTAL: 100 marks

Unit 4 Starts Tomorrow (Final unit of the course)

Other Resources from this Unit

Video: Geologic Journey - The Canadian Shield  (student worksheet) (45 min.) - ANSWERS

 Video: Earth: A History - Full Documentary (90 min.) - it time permits or on another date if applicable



- Read Chapter 5 & Chapter 6 and complete Chapter 5 Study Guide & Chapter 6 Study Guide before the quiz.

- Quiz #8 is on Day #



At the end of this lesson I will be able to...

1. explain where and what minerals are currently mined in Canada.

2. explain and provide examples of renewable and non-renewable resources (within mining and outside of mining).

3. describe some of the major environmental concerns that exist over the mining of these minerals. 




At the end of this lesson I will be able to...

1. explain how the rock cycle transforms rocks into different types.

2. describe how geologists use a classification system to identify and classify rocks.

3. explain the importance of igneous rocks and 















Today you are to review for your unit test on Friday (see link below). 
Below is the format of the test. Also, you can work on the Unit 3 Summative Assignment (Geologic Wonders of the World) which is DUE: Mon. Nov. 23rd

NOTE: We can drop your lowest assignment mark at the end of the semester, therefore you do have the option to opt out of one assignment if you wish (not including SES Debate / Discussion and the SES Lab assignments - these are mandatory!)