Unit 2 - Astronomy and Planetary Science

Lesson # and Approx. Date
 Lesson Plan & Main Concepts
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September 10th
QUIZ #1: Intro to Earth Science TODAY


September 11th

September 12th

Our Moon - Part II

September 13th

Our Moon - Online Simulations and Activities

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September 14th

Earth's revolution and Rotation

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September 17th

SES in the News #1
Quiz #2: The Sun, Earth & Moon System 

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September 18th

Models of Our Solar System - An Introduction

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September 19th

Introduction to Kepler's Laws

September 20th

Lab Activity #1: Understanding the Earth's Seasons
(Ecliptic, Equinoxes and Solstices)

September 21st

"The Martian" - Scientific Film Analysis - Part I 

"The Martian" - Film and Scientific Analysis - Part II

September 24th

Earth and Space in the News #2

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September 25th


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September 26th

"The Martian" - Part II 

September 27th

Lab Activity #2: Models of Our Solar System 


September 28th

October 1st

Guest Speaker: Brian Cheaney 
 (Cosmic Connections)

October 2nd

SES in the News #3
QUIZ #3: Our Solar System TODAY 

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October 3rd

Life in Our Solar System? 

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October 4th

 Properties and Characteristics of Our Sun  

October 5th

Introduction to Summative Project in Astronomy and Planetary Science

October 9th


SES in the News #4 
Quiz #4: Stars (Chapter 30)

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October 10th

Introduction to Stars and Stellar Evolution

October 11th

SES Lab Exercise #3: Lifecycle of Stars
October 12th

October 15th

Work Period - Astronomy Summative

October 16th

SES in the News #5
*Astronomy Summatives are DUE TODAY

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October 17th

Parent - Teacher Interviews today - all classes are shortened

October 18th


                                             Unit 1 & 2 Review
Online Crossword Puzzles (Great for Review and practice)

October 19th

           Astronomy Summative Projects - Peer Review / Assessment

                     Unit 1 & 2 Test: Astronomy and Planetary Science 

              (Including Introduction to Earth Science - first week of class)