Unit 2 - Astronomy and Planetary Science

Lesson # and Approx. Date
 Lesson Plan & Main Concepts
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February 10th
QUIZ #1: Intro to Earth Science TODAY


February 13th

February 14th

Our Moon - Part II

February 15th

Our Moon - Online Simulations and Activities

Image result for the moon phases
February 16th

Earth's revolution and Rotation

Image result for earth revolution diagram

February 17th

Models of Our Solar System - An Introduction
Lab Activity #1: Models of Our Solar System - OMIT Spring 2017
Image result for history of astronomy 
February 21st

SES in the News #1
Quiz #2: The Sun, Earth & Moon System 

Image result for earth in the news

February 22nd

Introduction to Kepler's Laws

February 23rd

"The Martian" - Scientific Film Analysis - Part I 

4. The Scale of Our Universe (amazing link)

5. Chrome Experiments: Another Great link to show the immense size of our Universe.

6. Video: The Scale of the Large - Khan Academy (11 min.) (student worksheet)

February 24th

"The Martian" - Film and Scientific Analysis - Part II

February 27th

Introduction to Our Solar System 

Lab Activity #2: Models of Our Solar System  - OMIT Spring 2017

February 28th

SES in the News #2

Image result for earth in the news

March 1st

Guest Speaker: Brian Cheaney
(Cosmic Connections)

March 2nd

Our Solar System - Comparing the Planets 
           QUIZ #3: Our Solar System TODAY                

March 3rd
Introduction to Summative Project in                              Astronomy and Planetary Science


March 6th

SES Lab Exercise #2: Lifecycle of Stars

March 7th

 Properties and Characteristics of Our Sun    
 SES in the News #3 - OMIT Spring 2017

March 8th

Work Period: Astronomy Summative Project
Solar System Explorer Gizmo DUE TODAY

March 9th

Work Period: Astronomy Summative Project
Quiz #4: Stars (Chapter 30)

March 10th

ISP PERIOD TODAY (Mr. Durk is in Portugal and Spain)


March 20th

Introduction to Stars and Stellar Evolution

March 21st

SES in the News #4
Understanding the Hertzsprung-Russell Diagram

March 22nd

Beyond Our Solar System

March 23rd
(shortened period due to Parent-Teacher Interviews)

Journey to the Edge of the Universe - Part I

March 24th

 Journey to the Edge of the Universe
March 27th


Journey to the Edge of the Universe - Part II

Unit 1 & 2 Test Format

Part A: Multiple Choice (30 marks)
Part B: Fill-in-the-Blanks (10 marks) - from lecture notes / powerpoint slideshows presented in class.
Part C: Matching (20 marks) - based on Unit 1 terms only
Part D: True / False (20 marks)
Part E: Long Answer Questions (20 marks)

TOTAL : 100 marks

March 28th

Earth and Space in the News - Alex

Unit 1 & 2 Review

 Online Crossword Puzzles (Great for Review and practice)

FIELD TRIP: University of Waterloo - Earth Science Museum (Postponed until late Spring)

March 29th

    Unit 1 & 2 Test: Astronomy and Planetary Science 
                                (Incl. Introduction to Earth Science)