Forces of Nature - Physical Geography (CGF 3M1)

This course is being taught as a blended course. Regular lessons will be taught in class approximately 75% of the time.  Students will have access to an ipad or desktop computer to complete the online components (modules) approximately 25% of the lessons. Mr. Durk will be in class to guide you through the modules and you will also be able to work with peers on many of these activities.

Click here to watch a series of videos that explain the concept of "blended learning" and the digital environment.

To log in to the UGDSB LMS, the student usernames are the same format as they login to the network with (2 from first name + 3 from last + last 4 of their OEN), and their password is their OEN if they have never logged in before.  You can always reset their password too from the "Classlist" tool. 

Course Evaluation 

Online Modules 
(Class Activities / Assignments / Discussions) (20 x 2% each)          40%  

NOTE: There are a total of 20 Online Modules (activities / assignments). Remember that you are responsible for all content in ALL modules. Modules will be evaluated based on the quality of your responses  and overall completion (if applicable - see checklist below).

Unit Tests (4 x 5% each)                                                                       20%   
Video Journal  Evaluation 
(Videos you watch during modules or in class)                                     5%
Final Culminating Project (January)                                                      15%   
Final Exam (January)                                                                             15%  

K: Knowledge and Understanding
I: Thinking and Inquiry
C: Communication
A: Application

CGF 3M1 - Physical Geography

Unit 1: Planetary Systems and the Biosphere (22 days)

 Module #1: Ice Breaker*

Module #2: Solar System Origins

Module #3: Earth Within a System and the Moon's Effects

Module #4: Earth's Spheres & Gaia Hypothesis

Module #5: Biogeochemical Cycles (Lesson)

Unit 2: Structures of the Earth (22 days)

Module #6: Structures of the Earth (Webquest)

Module #7: Geological Time

Module #8: Rocks and Minerals

Module #9: Plate Tectonics, History and Evidence

Module #10: Earthquakes

Module #11: Volcanoes

Unit 3: Earth Processes (16 days)

Module #12: Weathering / Erosion and Mass Movements

Module #13: Glaciers and Glaciation

Modules #14: Case Study: Three Gorges Dam Debate Prep

Module #15: Case Study: Three Gorges Dam Debate!

Unit 4: Weather and Climate (22 days)

Module #16: Climatology Basics & Factors Affecting Climate

Module #17:
Climate Graphs and Comparing Climates

Module #18: Hurricanes and Tornadoes

Module #19*: Climate Change Debate (Part 1)

Module #20*: Climate Change Debate (Part 2)

Final Culminating Project - Fall 2017 - 15% (5 days in total) 

Physical Geography Online Textbook

The Physical Environment: An Introduction to Physical Geography
Video Library (CGF 3M1)
CGF 3M Field Trips  (2 days) 

January 2018