CGF 3M Video Library

Click on the Unit Below to access links to various videos / films that we watch in class or during online modules.

Unit 1: Planetary Systems and the Biosphere
Unit 2: Structures of the Earth and Geology
Unit 3: Earth Processes
Unit 4: Weather and Climate

 Unit 1: Planetary Systems and the Biosphere Unit 2: Structures of the Earth Unit 3: Earth Processes Unit 4: Weather and Climate

 The Known Universe (6 min.)

 The Birth of Our Universe (47 minutes) (student worksheet)

Discovery - Solar Storm 
(45 min.)

(14 minutes)

Video: Planet Earth - Jungle (45 min.) (student worksheet)



 Brainpop: Geologic Time

The Core - Introduction to Earth's Structure (90 min.) (student response sheet)

Video: Bill Nye: Rocks and Minerals

(45 min.)

National Geographic - Tsunami: Killer Wave 
(60 min.)

Earth's Most Deadliest Volcanic Eruptions (44 min.)



        Chemical Weathering 
(5 min.)

(10 min.)