Pirate Philosophy

When people think of pirates, violence and thievery immediately come to mind.  But picture the Renaissance and the Age of Exploration, when all the world powers were sending "explorers" out to search for new lands.  These explorers were actually pirates, pioneers and trailblazers given the task to cross dangerous unknown seas in search of new land, gold and riches.  These adventurers took risks by using cutting edge technology to venture into unexplored territory.  Their success translated into connecting cultures and spreading knowledge.

What does this have to do with us?  We are in the information age with the potential to spawn a rebirth in education.  The Ed Tech Pirates are modern day explorers, rogues, innovators in the classroom, progressively pushing the limits to find the next level of teaching.  We engage our students by any means necessary.  We take risks, seeking out any and all ideas that might be used to keep our students on the cutting edge and to show them that learning is limitless.  Our goal is to take education to the next frontier.