Green Tips for On and Off-campus Living

How to recycle

  • Waste Management & Recycling - Do your own recycling by separating your waste items appropriately (Blue bin= Plastic and metal containers, Green bin= Glass, Brown bin= Compost and food items, Gray bin= Landfill). Please note that masks should also be disposed of in the landfill bins around campus!

  • Recycle your batteries by taking them to the OSL, the Ulivi Reception, and Sassetti Reception or by bringing them to main supermarkets (such as Esselunga)

  • You can bring your expired medicines to any pharmacy. They have dedicated bins to dispose of them!

  • Donate clothes and bed linens you will not be utilizing anymore! If you live on campus, the OSL will collect old clothes and bed covers for charity organizations at the end of the semester

  • Community Farm (the no-dig organic garden) - If you live on campus, carefully separate your food waste into the dedicated compost bins – it will all be transformed into active compost for the Villa La Pietra vegetable garden which will then produce delicious locally grown food for your cafeteria!

Eco-conscious & energy saving habits

  • Use your own reusable shopping bags instead of disposable bags

  • Paper reduction - Try printing on both sides of copy paper

  • Do not print if not strictly necessary

  • Use old paper as notepaper if one side has not been printed on

  • Energy Management - Turn off lights in empty rooms and before you leave your apartment

  • Keep windows closed when air-conditioning/heating is on

  • Turn off your electrical appliances (such as microwaves, kettles, laptops) and do not leave them on standby mode when not in use

  • Start your dishwasher and washing machine only when you have a full load

  • Local Travelling - Consider traveling within Italy, if possible!


  • Water Consumption - Turn off the water tap while brushing your teeth!

  • Showers can be taken in less time and using less water! Consider washing your hair less frequently and turning off the tap water more often while taking a shower!

  • Don’t leave the water tap running while not in use!

  • Utilize the refillable NYU Florence water bottle provided during Orientation or consider purchasing a refillable water bottle. Remember that tap water in Florence is absolutely drinkable!