List of environmental / sustainability focused leadership activities on campus:

Terra Firma Community Farm

Terra Firma is an new initiative launched on May 3th, 2022 on the NYU Florence campus. Through talks, live and prerecorded, workshops and discussion groups, Terra Firma Firenze aims to facilitate a deeper appreciation of the gardens of the estate to more fully enjoy it and to use it as a mirror reflecting wider issues in the world. As of 2022 this program started supplying the on-site Villa Natalia cafeteria with fresh, zero-miles, produce in a way that is also good for our environment. 

For more information, contact Horticultural Associate, Nicholas Dakin Elliot at and check out the workshops and practical workshops coming up this semester! 

Sustainability PDO

The NYU Florence Green Team is seeking a student who is highly motivated in sustainability issues and who would be committed to promote environmental awareness on campus, and downtown apartments, among his/her fellow students, faculty and staff at large. Please note that this is a leadership opportunity, that involves 8 hours of work per week  dedicated to the development of sustainability-themed initiatives and projects on and off campus. Exact projects are based on student’s interest). The application needs to be submitted at the beginning of the semester. More info on the Professional Development Opportunities page

Contact Info: Enrico Buonincontro, the Community Engagement and Leadership Development Coordinator,

On-campus Activities & Trips

Here are some of the trips and initiatives we have developed in the past semesters: 

Internship Opportunities

Please reach out to the Office of Academic Support ( for more information!