On-campus health & Wellness resources

The Office of Student Life manages the physical and mental health resources available to students and coordinates general support. For any medical assistance while in Florence, feel free to reach out to the Office of Student Life. OSL staff is available to assist you with any health issues that arise during your semester in Florence. A Campus Doctor as well as a Campus Nurse are also available to visit students at the Health Office located at the Villa Colletta ground floor. 

Campus Doctor

Every week during the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters), excluding Italian holidays and University breaks, a doctor is available on campus. This service is free of charge. An English-speaking general practitioner holds office hours once a week for two to three hours at a time. Students may sign up online at the link provided in the Florence Flyer as well as on the Campus Doctor Sign-up on the 'Forms' section of this website. Medical appointments take place at the Health Office, located at the Health Office of Villa Colletta (Ground floor).

On-Campus Doctor Hours:

Tuesday: 10:00am - 1:00pm

NOTE ON ACADEMIC ABSENCES: If you miss 4 or more consecutive days of classes for health reasons, a doctor’s note must be submitted to the Office of Academic Support by email at florence.academicsupport@nyu.edu in order to get these absences excused. Take a look at the relevant Academic Attendance Policy for more info. 

If this time does not work for you, you can also schedule an appointment with the off-campus medical clinic, Medical Service.  

Campus Nurse

Our Campus Nurse, Francesca Lacchia, will be able to assist you with a range of medical situations at the Health Office, located at the ground floor of Villa Colletta. The Campus Nurse helps students address different situations in collaboration with the Campus Doctor. 

The Campus Nurse is available at the Health Office Monday through Friday during Office of Student Life operating hours (9am-1pm; 2-5pm). Appointments need to be scheduled through the Campus Nurse Sign-up. Please also take note of changes in schedule. 

Contact Info: Francesca Lacchia, fl2422@nyu.edu 

Clinical Psychologists

Two clinical psychologists, Dr. Thiago Fernandes & Dr. Silvia Fiammenghi, are available full-time either online or at the Counseling Cottage. The counselors can also provide health referrals. To request an appointment confidentially with these English-speaking mental health professionals, feel free to e-mail them directly.

Contact Info: florence.counseling@nyu.edu

Practicing Well-being

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The Office of Student Life collaborates with NYU’s Moses Center for Student Accessibility to provide appropriate non-academic accommodations and services to students with qualified disability status. Once accommodations are obtained, the Office of Student Life (florence.studentlife@nyu.edu) accommodates for housing, while the Office of Academics provides academic accommodations (florence.academicsupport@nyu.edu). More info on the Accessibility section!