Public Transportation

Autolinee Toscane (AT) Public Transport Company

NYU Florence is currently served by the 25 bus line and the 302A and 307A suburban lines, operated by Autolinee Toscane. The urban tickets cost 1.50 euros within the city limits (up to Pian di San Bartolo/ Pratolino, last stops of the two 25 lines). Beyond these stops, please note that you will need to purchase a suburban ticket.

The 25 bus runs approximately every 20 minutes on week days. The 302A and 307A lines have different schedules according to the time of day and the day of the week. Please note: all the stops for the 25 as well as the 302A and the 307A lines are only on request, and, therefore, to get on the bus, you need to hail the driver, while to get off, you need to press the ‘stop’ button on the bus and you will see a confirmation message on the display board. Otherwise, you can inform the driver in advance.

Where to buy tickets:

AT Costs at a Glance

Useful Tips

Monthly and Yearly Bus Passes

To acquire a new bus pass, users must register a new account on and insert details such as your codice fiscale (Italian social security number), carta d’identità (Italian ID card), tessera sanitaria (Italian national health card), along with additional information to acquire a potential discount such as that for students. Foreigners, who are temporary residents of Florence, will need to start the process by filling out a Foreign Citizens form to receive an Italian fiscal code. 

After registration is complete, a monthly, seasonal or yearly pass can be purchased. Since these are connected to the customer’s account, all that needs to be shown to ticket inspectors is your health card or codice fiscale card to verify that you have a pass. 

NYU Florence students will need to show the QR Code generated through the webpage below as proof of monthly pass purchase.

Avoiding Fines

A fine is a minimum of 50 euros. How to avoid it: 

If you receive a fine, paying right away results in a lower fine.  However, if you believe you have the right to appeal the fine, do not pay right away.  You can appeal the fine, and if your appeal is accepted, you’ll only pay a 10 euro administrative fee. On the other hand, if the appeal is denied, you will need to pay a higher fine.