MEDICAL SERVICE, Hospitals & Private Clinics

Medical Service

In order to schedule an appointment with a primary doctor, students can have access to Medical Service, a private off-campus medical clinic located in the center of Florence. Please note that due to the COVID pandemic, Medical Service service must be arranged through the phone in each single case and that a negative COVID-19 test may be necessary under some circumstances.

Medical Service, Via Roma, 4 tel: 055 475411

Visits at Medical Service are covered by your GeoBlue health insurance card and involve no additional cost. If you are going to a Medical Service appointment, please be sure to bring your GeoBlue insurance card with you.

Please feel free to ask the OSL for assistance, or, alternatively, if you would prefer to contact Medical Service directly, you can contact the clinic at the number provided above.

House Calls

Medical Service will also provide house calls on campus or at your residence. A house-call costs €30 during standard business hours, and €60 during evenings & weekends. Please note that payments for house calls must be made in cash directly to the doctor on call.


Italian doctors are extremely qualified, but only some of them speak English, and the modes of care may be very different from that to which you are accustomed. It is for this reason that staff from the Office of Student Life assists with medical needs and accompanies students to the local hospitals. The Office of Student Life staff can help students navigate local hospitals, providing services such as accompaniment, translation, general support, and administrative assistance. Please call the Office of Student Life if you think you need to visit a hospital. Most hospitals have an emergency room, or ‘pronto soccorso’, located in the front area of the building. In the event that you arrive at an emergency room without NYU assistance, please contact the Office of Student Life as soon as you can to explain your situation and to provide the name of the hospital. Staff will attempt to join you at the hospital as quickly as possible.

Careggi Hospital, Viale Pieraccini 17, General Careggi switchboard tel: 055 7947 111

This university hospital complex is ranked one of the best in Italy. A wide range of specializations are covered here. There is a Rape Crisis and Anti-violence Center called the CRRV, which is located at the back of “Padiglione 9”. Free HIV testing is available from 7:15 to 10:00 AM on weekdays in a building called “La Piastra”, where blood tests are carried out. Results are available in about a week.

Santa Maria Nuova, Piazza Santa Maria Nuova 1 Tel: 055 69381

Private Clinics

HeLab della Libertà, 13

Tel. 055-474983

Rapid and PCR COVID tests can be scheduled through this clinic.

For an updated list of private clinics included within the GeoBlue network, please visit the GeoBlue Students website.