Sin Rumbo Fijo

Wanderering Gaucho

"Sin Rumbo Fijo"

Orquesta Típica Victor c. Ángel Vargas

Recorded on 1938-04-18

Music: Hermes Peressini

Lyrics: Eugenio Carrere

Transcription: Warren Edwardes (c) 2018-01-15

Translation: Warren Edwardes (c) 2018-01-15

"Sin Rumbo Fijo"

Perdido entre el maizal

Su rancho allí levantó,

Y feliz con su china

Siempre vivió.

Después, cual bendición

Su lindo hijito llegó,

Y trajo aun más

Alegría a su corazón.

"Wandering Gaucho" [Literal Translation]

Lost among the cornfield

His ranch there he raised

And happy with his gaucha

There he always lived.

And then, what a blessing

His cute little boy arrived,

And it brought even more

Joy to the gaucho's heart.

"Wanderering Gaucho" [Poetic singing translation to fit the music and Spanish sound]

Ov'r there, among cornfields

His ranch there he built up

And such bliss with his gaucha

Always he lived


to be continued ...


Rumbo fijo = Fixed direction so "Sin rumbo fijo" is aimlessly. The title is odd as the lyrics and music are quite purposeful to me.



A la mujer gaucha tradicionalmente se la ha llamado «china» quechua

= A female gaucho is traditionally called "china" in Quechua [source Wikipedia]

The image at the head of this page is described as:

La pisadora de maíz (c. 1868) de Pallière, acuarela costumbrista que representa a un gaucho y a una "china" de mediados del siglo XIX. Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes

= The corn treader (ca. 1868) by Pallière, a watercolor painting depicting a gaucho and a "china" from the mid-nineteenth century. National museum of Fine Arts


China [Source]

Argentina > China, chinita or gaucha - The gaucho counterpart

The "Gaucha" was also called "China". She was the loyal companion of the "gaucho". Her occupation was to grow corn, watermelon and onion. She baked their bread and used the mortar and pestle for crushing the charque, the wheat and corn.

She brought up the children and she also wove her companion’s ponchos. She was as a good rider as he was. She used to wear a cotton shirt, underskirt and headscarf. She usually wore two braids. Sometimes she would also wear a loose and low-cut dress. She liked smoking.

Transcription: Warren Edwardes (c) 2018-01-15

Translation: Warren Edwardes (c) 2018-01-15