Hasta La Muerte

Until Death

Transcription: Warren Edwardes (c) 2018-09-12

Translation: Warren Edwardes (c) 2018-09-12

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Note that many tango lyrics published on the internet are the officially submitted lyrics and not what was actually sung at the time of recording. These vary from recording to recording.

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"Hasta la Muerte"

Orquesta Juan Maglio “Pacho” c. Carlos Viván

Recorded on 1928-02-12

Music: Juan Maglio “Pacho” (Juan Félix Maglio)

Lyrics: Carlos Viván (Miguel Rice Treacy)

"Hasta la Muerte"

Adiós dijiste y de aquel día

Ya nunca más volviste a mí,

Y vos sabías mi amor por ti

Nunca te creía ingrata,

Y se engañaba

Si en vos pensaba,

¡Mi corazón!

Alguien me dijo que te vio,

En un palacio lleno de placer

Y yo moría por tu querer.

Nunca quizás comprenderás

El daño cruel que tú me hiciste,

Pero yo siempre te he de amar,

Como se aman

Los muertos que se van.

La imagen de esa mujer

Que de mi lado se fue,

Bendita es para mí,

Vestida de percal

Como la conocí.

"Until Death" [Literal Translation]

Goodbye, you said and from that day

You never came back to me,

And you knew my love for you

I never thought you ungrateful,

And my heart was fooling itself

If it thought about you,

my heart!

Someone told me that he saw you,

In a palace full of pleasure

And I died for your love.

You may never understand

The cruel damage you did to me,

But I always have to love you,

How they love each other

The dead that leave us.

The image of that woman

That from my side has left,

Blessed is for me,

Dressed in percale cotton

The way I met her.


Not 100% sure of the contextual meaning of

Y te engañaba

Si en vos pensaba,

Mi corazón.

It could be "Y se engañaba". {And it is deceiving]

But I am not sure. Even then the meaning here is puzzling.

Theresa Faus helped on this section