Hyde Park Milonga

London's Tango Glorieta

"Sometimes, there is magic in the world. Thank you, Warren Edwardes, for making possible the Sunset Milonga at the Bandstand in Hyde Park - and a great choice of music."  Ray Batchelor

Hyde Park Sunset Milonga (subject to rain)

2023 Dates (Mondays unless stated)

26 Jun; 17 Jul; 24 Jul; Tue 15 Aug; 21 Aug ; 28 Aug; 4 Sep Fri 8 Sep


From 17:00 > 21:00


Without official permission to use the bandstand by The Royal Parks Office. We will, therefore, have to get there early to occupy the space. 

Help welcome at 15 minutes or so before to occupy the space and help sweep and wash the floor.

Bring water. 

Bring old dancing shoes.

The floor is smoothed concrete.

Toilets opposite cost 20p. Though The Serpentine Bar and Kitchen is not far with free toilets.

There will be photos and filming by the organisers and other tangueros and by fascinated members of the public. 

These will be published on social media such as Facebook and YouTube.

If you object please do not come.

Hyde Park Sunset Milonga at The Hyde Park Bandstand is firmly on the Google map. Closest Tube: Hyde Park Corner. 

Several buses along Park Lane and Knightsbridge. Bus Stops Park Lane Hilton and Hyde Park Corner.


A short walk from Hyde Park Corner

DJ & Organiser: Warren Edwardes

"DJ Warren Edwardes plays silky smooth traditional tango blending energetic 40s Golden Age with romantic 50s Silk Age tunes beyond the plinky plonky squeaky squawky sounds of early recordings.

There will be a slick tsunami alternating rhythmical and lyrical tangos developing from the simple to the complex."

Memories from the Hyde Park Picnic & Sunset Milongas

Occasionally Asked Questions (and Answers) at Hyde Park Sunset Milonga

Q: Where can I leave my sunglasses?

A: In your tanguero's pocket.

Q: Is there somewhere safe to leave handbags there?

A: Yes. The Park Lane Hilton is nearby. The rooms have free safe deposit boxes.

Q: There is a sticky bit on the floor here. Can you clean it?

A: Yes. But you do it. Wet a tissue; get on your knees; and clean it.

Q: There are people out there taking photos of me. Can you get them to stop!

A: No. It is a public place. Wear a hijab. Or go home.

Q: Why do the toilets charge 20p?

A: They want to make money so they can plant trees. But feel free to piss on a tree.

Q: The music isn't loud enough. Can you turn it up?

A: It is at max. I don't have access to power. The people are absorbing the sound.

Q: There are too many people.

A: Go home then. That'll sort it.

Q: Put down boards to make more dancing room. Then keep the boards in your garage.

A: Great idea. You do it.

Q: The lights are too bright.

A: Wear sunglasses. They are in your tanguero's pocket.