Tango Furtivo

Secret Tango in Public Places

"It was such a lovely afternoon. Thank you Warren and the team!" Anna Zhivova

"Thank you for a wonderful time and see you again." Alicja Juchnicka


  • Vinitaly Verona, Italy
  • Marina, Cartagena, Spain
  • The National Trust's Osterley House, Osterley, London
  • Forum Magnum Square, London
  • Memorial to the Great Exhibition, [Behind the] Royal Albert Hall, London
  • Royal Opera House Colonnade, Covent Garden, London
  • Brunswick Centre & [Outside] Foundling Museum, Blooomsbury, London

Sunday 18th August 2019

Free Tango Furtivo 18Aug19

Outside the Foundling Museum NE corner of Brunswick Square.


Saturday 3rd August 2019

Free Tango Furtivo 3Aug19 Steakout

Near the black Argentine Grill Criollo tent outside the Giraffe restaurant in the middle of the Brunswick Centre.

[Moved to Foundling Museum nearby]


Sunday 14th July

15:30 > 17:30

Royal Opera House Colonnade.

Rear entrance to The Royal Opera House in the north-east corner of Covent Garden Piazza


Friday 12 July 2019

17:30 > 19:30

Memorial to the Great Exhibition, [Behind the] Royal Albert Hall. Between The Albert Hall and The Royal College of Music

DJ: Warren Edwardes


Sunday 7 July 2019

17:30 > 19:30

Richmond Bridge

DJ Warren Edwardes

Tuesday 2 July 2019

17:30 > 20:30 [sunset is at 21:21]

County Hall Forum Magnum Square

Between Belvedere Road and York Road.

DJ: Warren Edwardes



There will be photos and filming by the organisers and other tangueros and inevitably by fascinated members of the public.

These will be published on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and YouTube.

If you object please do not come.

Bring water.

There will be no chairs.

Bring old dancing shoes.

The floor will probably be concrete or tiles.

DJ & Organiser: Warren Edwardes

"DJ Warren Edwardes plays silky smooth traditional tango tunes beyond the plinky plonky squeaky squawky scratchings of early recordings. Music for happy people.

There will be a slick tsunami alternating rhythmical and lyrical tangos developing from the simple to the complex."