Nido Gaucho

Gaucho's Nest

Transcription: Warren Edwardes (c) 2018-03-20

Translation: Warren Edwardes (c) 2018-03-20

Carlos Di Sarli c. Mario Pomar

Recorded on 1955-09-16

Music: Carlos Di Sarli

Lyrics: Héctor Marcó

"Nido Gaucho"

Luciendo su color de esperanza,

viste el campo su plumaje.

Y el viento hace vibrar sus cordajes

en los pastos y en la flor

Yo tengo mi ranchito en la loma,

donde cantan los zorzales

Margaritas y rosales

han brotado para vos

Porque un día será

ese nido gaucho de los dos

Florecerán mis ilusiones

Y se unirán los corazónes

Dime que sí

Que la noche pampera abrirá

y su rayo de luna pondrá

luz de amor en tus ojos

No digas no

Que el dolor secará mi rosal

y en la cruz de mi rancho el zorzal

morirá por tu amor.

"Gaucho's Nest" [Literal Translation]

Displayed in colours of hope

The fields show their plumage.

And the wind makes rustles the stems

in the pastures and the flowers

I have my little ranch on the hill,

where the thrushes sing

Daisies and roses

have bloomed for you

Because one day it will be

that gaucho nest for two

My dreams will flower

And our hearts will unite

Tell me you will

So the pampas night will open

and the moonlight beam will put

A light of love in your eyes

No don't say no

The pain'll dry my rose

and the thrush on the cross of my ranch,

will die for your love.

This is a 1947 recording of a live radio show "La voz de las Américas". [The Voice of The Americas].

There is a conversation between the announcer and Carlos Di Sarli.

This is my transcription cum translation of the interview between the presenter and Carlos Di Sarli.

Presenter: What's the problem Maestro Di Sarli that makes you look so concerned?

Di Sarli: Well it's not really important. It is just that I have thought that tango would have already spread around the world even more if all the audiences would have been able to understand the meaning of its lyrics completely.

Presenter: And is this a difficult problem to solve?

Di Sarli: Who knows? In the meantime, today I have decided to bring, in homage to all the audiences of the continent, an exercise that you can all decide if it is useful or not.

Presenter: And ... what is it about?

Di Sarli: I'll explain it live in action. I'll conduct the orchestra in one of my most popular tangos, Nido Gaucho.

Announcer: And to perform the exercise of which Di Sarli speaks, he has brought with him his singers Jorge Duran and Bob Toledo. Are you ready lads

Nido Gaucho is performed bilingual Spanish / English

The commentator says it was the first song sung in a foreign language with an Argentine band.

This is my transcription of the English text. The sound quality is poor and there were some guesses.

Life promises

someone will love me

and always leave [?]

moon shines above me

Say that you will,

while I wait what my pain I can feel

not a voice not a sound not a thrill,

only hearts that are pounding

Please say you will

and I wish just for you through the years,

and my love will take care of your fears,

if you say that you will. 

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