Warren Edwardes

Tanguiri - Tanguru - DJero

Silky Smooth Traditional Tango for Happy People beyond the Plinky-Plonky Squeaky-Squawky Scratchings

"Sometimes, there is magic in the world. Thank you, Warren Edwardes, for making possible the Sunset Milonga at the Bandstand in Hyde Park - and a great choice of music. "

Ray Batchelor

Radio Hyde Park Milonga

The internet radio station of London's Tango Glorieta and Mayfair Milonga


FREE Hyde Park Sunset Milonga

The chance to Tango in Hyde Park to Sunset and a bit beyond.

Cancelled for the foreseeable future

The Bandstand, Serpentine Road, Hyde Park.

Mayfair Milonga


Time: 17:30 > 22:00 (4 1/2 hours)

The Elegant Tango Milonga in the Heart of London's Mayfair Between Grosvenor Square and Berkeley Square as the Nightingale Flies

Embracing Argentine Tango

Intensive Tango Beginners' Course

There will be a package of two 3-hour sessions on Sat 29 of Feb and Sat 7 Mar at 17.30 - 20.30

Tango Shelter 2019

Second Saturday 14 December 2019

17:30 > 22:00 [4 1/2/ hours]

It was getting cold towards the end of the Hyde Park Sunset Milonga. But some people have to sleep out in the mid-winter cold.

Tango Shelter raises funds to get them indoors and feed them.

Tango Furtivo

Secret Tango in Public Places

"Early cabeceos and late cabs recommended."

Paul Bottomer, Today's Tango is ...

"Opened the world of 1950s and 1960s Tangos to me, and I am now indulging late Troilo and others. Before, I thought that Tango basically died after 1950 and was only resurrected after 2000."

Tomáš Kohl Tango DJ

"Yesterday we attended a milonga Warren DJ'd and the music was superb. He played a great selection of danceable music throughout the evening"

David James Bailey, Learning Tango Festival

"Great evening last night, everyone loved the music!"

Jane Solomon, Mi Refugio Milonga / Tangolicious