Warren Edwardes TangoDJ

FREE Hyde Park Sunset Tango

Another special chance to Tango in Hyde Park at sunset and a bit beyond.

Monday 24th September 2018

17:15 > 20:15 [sunset is at 18:55]

The Bandstand, Serpentine Road, Hyde Park.

Tango Shelter 2018

8 December 2018

18:00 > 22:00

Mayfair Milonga

Second Saturdays. Resumes in 2019

Time: 18:00 > 22:00 (4 hours)

The Elegant Tango Milonga in the Heart of London's Refined Mayfair Between Grosvenor Square and Berkeley Square as the Nightingale Flies

"Great evening last night, everyone loved the music!"

Jane Solomon, Mi Refugio Milonga / Tangolicious

"Early cabeceos and late cabs recommended."

Paul Bottomer, Today's Tango is ...

"Yesterday we attended a milonga he [Warren] DJ'd and the music was superb. He played a great selection of danceable music throughout the evening"

David James Bailey, Learning Tango Festival

"We wish Warren best of luck with his DJ career and can’t wait to hear, and dance to, his sets."

Alan Wallace and Katerina Stoyanova, La Mariposa Tango, Balham

"I really like that you publish your playlists ... that's refreshing"

Iris Peters, Tanguera