Wellbeing- Students

Coping Calendar- a month plan for feeling happy

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Principal's Wellbeing Briefing

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Student Wellbeing

At Firth Park Academy we work towards positive emotional health and wellbeing in the whole of our school community. We believe that happy students and staff learn well and are more confident and more motivated.

We want to promote a culture of being able to share concerns – so that all members of the school community feel valued and supported. We do this through:

    • All interactions between staff and students
    • All interactions between school and home
    • High quality teaching and suppo
    • High quality Pastoral system – including: tutors, Heads of Year, Student Support Leaders, Safeguarding Officers,
              • Assemblies – including regular achievement assemblies
              • Tutor time activities
              • Achieve Mentoring
              • PSHE lessons
              • School website
              • School newsletters
              • Counselling services, such as Forge Youth, Think For The Future
              • Liaison with outside agencies

For further guidance or to discuss concerns, students should please contact their Form Tutors, Head of Year, SSL or any teacher, or contact the school directly via telephone or email:

As further support, students can use the useful wellbeing links below:

Useful wellbeing links for students