Staffing Structure

At Firth Park Academy curriculum areas are divided into faculties and are led by Directors of Learning, supported by Deputy Directors of Learning. Each area comprises specialist teaching staff, whilst in a number of areas the Academy employs Lead Learners (English, Maths and Humanities).

Curriculum Areas

The Academy is divided into the following curriculum areas:

  • English
  • Maths
  • Science
  • Humanities (Geography, History, PSHE, RE and Citizenship)
  • Languages (including ESOL)
  • Art, Design and Technology
  • Performance (PE, Dance and Music)
  • Business & Computing
  • Health & Social Care

Senior Leadership Team

The Academy’s Senior Leadership Team comprises:

  • Principal
  • Senior Vice Principal (Inclusion)
  • Vice Principal (IT, Data and Assessment)
  • Assistant Principal (Teaching & Learning)
  • Assistant Principal (Achievement)
  • Assistant Principal (Student Engagement)

Inclusion Team

The Inclusion Team comprises:

  • Heads of Year
  • Student Support Leaders
  • Specialist non-teaching support staff