Support for Vulnerable Students

For students facing the most challenging personal circumstances, the college's Raising Achievement Programme (or RAP, for short) provides invaluable additional support. The mission of the RAP is clear: to make achievement possible for our most disadvantaged students by providing them with a secure emotional base from which to attend well, gain in confidence and learn how to learn. The RAP gives the students it serves the chance to, like others, be the best that they can be. The consistently high praise received by the RAP from students, staff and visitors alike reveal its well-deserved place at the heart of fantastic Firth Park.

Selecting a secondary school

Firth Park is the right choice for your child as it provides an excellent educational provision whilst offering opportunities for additional exciting learning activities. The school has enjoyed year on year GCSE success whilst proudly acknowledging that the progress our students make places the school in the top 5% in the country! A personalised, innovative curriculum combined with a supportive and caring pastoral system ensures that our students engage and enjoy life at Firth Park.

Transition to secondary school

Transition activities begin in Year 5 for students in the Firth Park Family of Schools. The programme includes visits to the school to take part in lessons and workshops, and there are a variety of opportunities to take part in sports activities and watch performances. Many students come to after-school clubs and Extended Services activities. In Year 6, teachers from the school visit primary schools on a regular basis to work with students and teach lessons. Students are invited to perform in the school and present their work on a regular basis. In the summer term students come to the school for a week to take part in lessons and activities and get to know teachers and their way around the building. There are also events for parents throughout the year and a Year 6 parents transition evening in the summer term. Once in Year 7, the transition programme continues as the students settle into secondary school life.

Regular Communication

Year 7 and Year 8

Firth Park believes that regular communication with parents/carers is vital in developing and securing good relationships between school and home. At Firth Park, communication with parents/ carers provides a platform for informing them about their child’s progress through parents’ evenings, regular written reports and progress days, whilst the Firth Park magazine and newsletter provide information about the school and celebrates our many successes and achievements.

Firth Park values the importance of ‘face to face’ communication, and the school will always be available to see parents/carers to discuss any individual student matters.

In year 8, students choose their GCSE and other qualification options and the school provides opportunities in the Spring term for staff, students and parents to meet to discuss the best and most appropriate options.