Firth Park Academy,

Fircroft Avenue,


South Yorkshire,

S5 0SD

Telephone Number:

0114 257 6238

Email Address:

School Facilities Hire:


Mr D Jones

PA to the Principal:

Ms J Ball

Chair of Governance Board:

Mr Phil Humphreys

If you require to contact the Chair of Governance Board, please contact the above address.

To contact the Academies Enterprise Trust, please follow this link to their website:

If you would like paper copies of any of our policies or documentation, please contact Ms J Ball.

Contact policy

We understand that when you have a concern about your child as a parent you want this to be dealt with as quickly and as efficiently as possible, it is therefore natural for you to feel that speaking to the Principal will allow your problem to be dealt with immediately.

However, in an academy of this size, it is impossible for the Principal to know every child on such a detailed level whilst also running the school effectively.

We have therefore set up a structure where each child has a Head of Year who is responsible for their academic progress and pastoral welfare within the academy.

This member of staff works closely with the Academy Teaching Staff and often knows your child best, and is therefore often more able to use this knowledge to rectify any situation more effectively.

Reception have therefore been asked to book meetings with Heads of Year in the first instance before a meeting can be booked with the Principal or other Senior Leaders.

If, once you have had a meeting with your child's Head of Year and you feel that the situation is not resolved, the next level of contact will be with the Leadership Team member linked to your child's year group.

If, once these meetings have taken place you feel that the issue has not been resolved, a meeting will be organised with with the Principal.