At Firth Park Academy, we believe in creating a love for languages, teaching culture and diversity and celebrating the languages we have in our community.

We believe that our students are remarkable language learners. We encourage them to have a life-long appreciation of languages, and create a learning environment where pupils can take risks, make mistakes and develop, learn within contexts which are engaging, fun and facilitate learning.

Spanish is the main language taught at Firth Park. Students are given the opportunity in Year 11 to complete GCSEs in languages spoken at home for example French, Urdu, Arabic and Italian.

Some of our newest pupils are nurtured in our specially taught new to English classes (NTE), ready in preparation for learning within the whole school and for becoming a true part of the Firth Park family.

Languages open up opportunities for travel, employment, learning and problem solving. Languages create confident, inquisitive and resilient learners.

The Curriculum

KS3 - 7/8/9

KS4 - 10/11

If you have any further questions please contact Mary Dougherty, Director of Learning Languages mdougherty@firthparkacademy.org