The geography department intend that all students, regardless of background, are provided with a wide body of knowledge/skills and an exceptional character to live a remarkable life.​

We have chosen to teach a range of scales through units which incorporate a range of country types and central themes that cut across topics, such as ‘population growth’, ‘urbanisation’ and ‘climate change’. We get pupils asking questions and being inquisitive. This means students are exposed to a wide range of knowledge, skills and understanding, and complete a wide variety of tasks throughout the year to ensure skills are embedded and mastered. 

As we are a diverse academy we aim to create a diverse curriculum and as such ensure our students encounter both familiar and unfamiliar experiences, lifestyles and cultures in their learning, enriching the curriculum through trips in every year group and visits by outside agencies. These pictures are of our Zoolab visit and North Wales residential. Additionally we aim to increase the cultural capital of our students through exposure to different aspects of society, culture and key geographical processes, covering a range of themes such as colonialisation, globalisation, inequality, the development gap, and trade and aid. 

We encourage students to justify their thoughts throughout the course which helps prepare them for their GCSE years where ‘assess’, ‘evaluate’ and ‘justify’ are common command words

The Curriculum 

Geography 5 year curriculum learning journey.pdf

The Team 

Mr J Taylor

 Director of Humanities (geography specialist)

Mr D Jones, 


(geography specialist)

Miss L Robinson

Teacher of geography

Mr A Sparsi

SEND Lead Practitioner Assistant, Teacher of geography

KS3 - 7/8/9

KS4 - 10/11

Please contact the Geography Department’s Director of Learning (Mr J Taylor) if you have any questions via jtaylor@firthparkacademy.org

For Geography revision please see here: www.youtube.com/@GeographyHawks/playlists