Leading Parent Partnership Award

The AET mission statement is to ‘Find your remarkable” and in order to achieve this, our Academy prides itself on being fully inclusive with learning and creativity at its heart, underpinned by high quality teaching and effective partnerships with parents and carers which extend beyond the classroom.

We are committed to working with all parents and carers to help support their child’s learning and progress. In order to demonstrate this partnership, we are currently aiming to maintain the ‘Leading Parent Partnership Award’ (LPPA) which will endorse the professional relationships and the successful strategies to support learning and the benefits to pupils.

Throughout the next year and beyond we will work closely with all our parents to ensure the links between home and school are robust and we are all working together as a team to ensure the best for every pupil at Firth Park Academy.

The LPPA (Leading Parental Partnership Award) is a nationally recognised award achievable by schools who work very closely with the families of their pupils. We achieved accreditation for the full award in January 2018 and hopefully you will have seen some improvements already.

We feel that this award will enhance our communication and build more activities for parents / carers. As you know we constantly strive to improve at Firth Park Academy and completing this award will help us do that.

We cannot achieve or maintain this award without the help, cooperation and feedback of parents and carers. We ask that you assist us in doing this by agreeing to:

· read all information that we send out

· come along to events we organise if you are able

· complete any questionnaires we send out as honestly as you can

Since 2015 through the LPPA process, we hope you have noticed a difference in home-school communication/parental partnerships and how we keep you up to date with your child’s learning. There will be some more exciting developments from September 2019.