KS3 Overview

Year 7 -

  • Food preparation skills – weighing and measuring, chopping skills, safe use of the cooker.

  • Food safety – risk assessment, safe storage of food, the 4 C’s, food poisoning

  • Healthy eating – the eatwell guide, how to achieve a healthy balanced diet, consequences of a poor diet and exercise.

Year 8 -

  • Nutrition – functions of nutrients in the body, designing meals for specific groups

  • Food choice - Special diets, Multicultural foods

  • Food ethics – Food waste, Food miles and carbon footprint, seasonal eating

Year 9 -

  • Food safety – Cross-contamination, high-risk foods

  • Healthy living – balanced diet, diet related disease, cooking methods, exercise

  • Special diets – coeliac, lactose intolerance, vegetarianism, allergies, planning meals and diets to suit needs

  • Food ethics – sustainability, 6R’s, conservation of energy through cooking methods

  • Project based work – nutrition, world foods, food ethics, the catering kitchen structure

  • Food styling and high skill dishes