Dance KS3

Dance KS3 overview

The curriculum for dance aims to ensure that all pupils:

  • are taught a wide variety of different dance styles to broaden their technical ability, knowledge and appreciation of dance. With increasingly complex movements being taught progressively to challenge students.

  • can understand how to choreograph movement taking into consideration action, space, dynamics and relationships. Developing motifs and understanding how to use different stimuli.

  • can analyse and evaluate dance performances, offering constructive feedback that promotes progress either verbally or written. Identifying strengths, areas for improvement and providing solutions.

  • develop a mature and professional approach to performance.

What will I study

  • Basic skills – Action, space, dynamics, space

  • street dance –specific dance style

  • social and cultural dance

  • Contemporary dance, looking a professional works

  • Choreographic skills – creative process

  • Lindy hop- partner dance

  • Commercial