KS3 Overview

KS3 introduces students to using the Google Suite and through this support the development of basic IT skills that enable them to be successful should they choose it at KS4 and also want to be able to be an effective and safe IT user in life and in future studies and employment. The course has 2 units per year to enable mastery and offers only ONE lesson per week which is a challenge. In Y7 students have a basic introduction to Google Classroom, Drive, forms and they way that they can interact with local drives. They student presentation of data and also a basic introduction to data processing through spreadsheets. Each unit ends with a longer term assignment and in Y7 this is a spreadsheet model for a local outdoor study centre and an interactive user guide, In Y8 the final project consists of a website for a locoa security company and a database.

KS3 Assessment Process

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Scheme of Learning

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