KS4 Overview

GCSE Art and Design builds upon the skills explored in KS3 and encourages students to develop an independent approach to learning. There is an emphasis on the process of developing both ideas and final outcomes from a common starting point from which students then focus on an area of study they wish to follow. Projects will be explored and marked in line with the AQA ‘Assessment Objectives’ which cover artist research, experimentation, recording observations, and the final outcome.

Whats on offer and how you are assessed

At Firth Park Academy we offer two different Art & Design courses:

  • GCSE Art & Design – Fine Art

  • GCSE Art & Design – Photography

Both of these courses are assessed the same with 60% of your grade coming from your coursework portfolio & 40% from externally set assignments. Coursework is mainly carried out in sketchbooks demonstrating evidence of the ‘Assessment Objectives’ – we refer to them as AO1, AO2, AO3, and AO4. The assessment objectives focus on developing contextual understanding, refine use of media, drawing and recording from observation, and presenting final intentions. Class learning and Independent Learning, your portfolio of work will be assessed by your Art teacher using these assessment objectives before it is externally moderated.

The externally set assignment in Year 11 is provided to students eight weeks prior to the 10 hour examination in order to develop their preparatory work. The final outcome is then produced in examination conditions over two days (10 hours in total).

Why Art & Design

Qualifications in Art and Design can lead to any job in a creative field; the list of careers is endless. Art related careers including fashion, textiles, advertising, graphic designer, architect, make-up artist, stage designer, jewellery maker, teacher, special effects, illustration, photographer, art therapist or curator amongst many more.

What a qualification in Art and Design does show is that the student is capable of transferable skills such as independent research, creative thinking and practical application.