Academy Uniform

ALL students are required to wear the academy uniform which comprises:

Jewellery - students are permitted to wear a small pair of stud earrings and a watch only; all other jewellery should remain at home.

Outdoor clothing - coats/hats/scarves/gloves/hoodies etc. are not permitted around the academy and should be removed and placed

in the students' locker provided.

PE and Dance kit

For Physical Education and Dance lessons students should wear:

* These items can be purchased from the academy via the Parent Mail App.



All students are required to bring with them the following equipment every day:

Parents/Carers should be aware that the Academy will not be held responsible for the loss of any items of clothing/footwear/jewellery and strongly advise that you do not allow your child to bring/wear any items of value.

Please read our Academy Expectations Booklet for further information .