KS3 Overview

The programme of study suggests ‘pupils should make rich connections across mathematical ideas’. This is supported through 15 units per year group focusing on 15 key mathematical strands and behaviours. Each strand contains at least two mathematical topics. These topics can then be interrelated to encourage pupils to make connections between mathematical ideas. For example, Unit 8 - Reasoning with Fractions brings together the concepts of fractions and probability so that explicit connections be explored.

The units of work are ordered to enable application of earlier skills within later units and connectivity. For example, Unit 4: Generalising Arithmetic builds on previous numerical calculation work in Unit 3: Solving Calculation Problems, thus helping pupils to see algebraic concepts as a generalisation of what happens with numbers.

Year 7 content builds on the Primary National Curriculum, seeking further depth of understanding.

Year 8 content is distinct from and more challenging than Year 7 content.

Year 9 content is distinct from and more challenging than Year 8 content.