KS3 Overview

At Key Stage 3 short, medium and long-term assessment contributes to an awareness of how well learning is embedded and which gaps remain to be addressed. Short-term day to day assessment is based on the Mastery Flow Model, whereby students need to be able to answer probing questions to demonstrate that learning has been secured on a present topic/skill. Over a topic students who are consistently able to answer probing questions on content will be working at age related expectations. Those able to consistently answer further extension/rich questions will be working beyond age related expectations. Long-term assessment on an annual basis involves standardised assessment on an AET Trustwide exam paper called ‘Stop the Clock’ which benchmarks each students’ progress relative to students with similar starting points.

What will I study

Year 7

  • Where on Earth is Sheffield?

  • Endangered Ecosystems

  • Brazil – Forests, Favelas and the Future

  • Resources in Crisis - water

  • Raging Rivers - focus on the UK

  • Extreme Qatar - studies of the Middle East

Year 8

  • Coastal Change and Conflict

  • Into the Rainforest

  • Glaciation and Geology

  • Wild Weather around the world

  • Moving People

  • Globalisation under investigation

Year 9

  • Global issues around the continents

  • Tectonic Hazards

  • Mind the Development Gap

  • Investigating issues and conflict

  • Fieldwork enquiry - a local river

Key Resources

TeachIt Geography