“Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world”

Nelson Mandela

Curriculum Intent (our vision)


At Firth Park Academy we intend that all students, regardless of background, are provided with a wide body of knowledge/skills and an exceptional character to live a remarkable life.​ We aim to challenge our students to achieve this goal as a result of a rich academic curriculum and an inspirational wider curriculum of experiences.


Aligned with the values of our Trust (Academies Enterprise Trust) we intend to inspire students to find their remarkable. Our intent is for students to achieve their best qualifications and develop a character exemplifying the values of being unusually brave (confident and resilient), pushing their limits (aspirational and self-challenging), big-hearted (kind and respectful) and discovering what is possible (enquiring and curious).

It is vital for students to challenge themselves to become critically literate, by questioning their own ideas and perceptions, as well as those of others. Furthermore, the curriculum should produce respectful well rounded young people who are able to pursue their dreams, whether that be university or job-related; are an asset to their local community; and are able to successfully navigate today’s globalised world. The curriculum offered should broaden minds of our students, at the same time enriching their communities and, through exposure to “best that has been thought and said in the world”, should fundamentally advance civilisation.

Online learning support

In conjunction with providing all students in our Online Academy access to quality virtual lessons with their teachers through the Google Classroom platform, we have ensured that our students have access to great sources of online learning.

The links here are for the packages that we have purchased in order to support student's learning.

If you need log in details for any of the online learning resources, please email your form tutor or head of year.

Subject Areas

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