KS3 Overview

Students can choose to study Health and Social Care as one of their option subjects.

In Year 9, the student will be introduced to Health and Social Care, in preparation for starting the OCR Cambridge National Level 1/2 Certificate in Health and Social Care in Year 10. They will learn about the different life stages and the physical, intellectual, language, emotional and social developments which happen as people go through life. They will learn about different factors which can also have an affect on a person’s development. They will learn more about what happens as people age as part of the ageing process in older adulthood, and how a person's role changes. They understand about birth and non - birth conditions which can affect a person’s development as they go through life as well as the affect this can have on their family. They will then learn about creative activities and how these can meet different needs across all age groups, as well as how they can help a person’s development.

Students will be assessed against age related expectations for Health and Social Care in Year 9, and will complete a number of different tasks and end of topic assessments to do so.