About Us

Our vision is for each and every child at Firth Park Academy to be inspired to choose a remarkable life.

We wish to instil in our children a set of values that will positively shape their characters to lead truly remarkable lives.

These values are to:

    • Be unusually brave: we challenge wrongs and do what is right, no matter how difficult.

    • Discover what’s possible: we step forward to explore a world of possibilities and opportunity.

    • Push the limits: as we never settle for less than excellent and intend to overcome any barrier to our achievement.

    • Be big-hearted: treating each other with kindness, warmth and care, believing that everyone matters and believing in one another.

At Firth Park Academy we think of ourselves, staff and students, as a family. We are tremendously proud of our diversity, making us stronger as a community and welcoming to all.

We were pleased to be recognised by Ofsted as a Good school once more in February 2019 and to hear positive feedback on our family of staff and students that:

    • “Leadership at all levels is focused on the progress of pupils and as a result, pupils continue to make good progress.”
    • “You and your leadership team take the safety of pupils in your care very seriously and have ensured that there is a strong culture of safeguarding in the school.”
    • “The quality of teaching overall is good and improving.”

Our goal is to now become a truly outstanding school where every child makes remarkable progress and begins a remarkable life.

Dean Jones (Principal)