Payment Request

Send with SMS or Email

Directly to the recipients phone or email, with all payment info pre-filled! With a simple click they can approve the payment and you get an instant notification when it's done!

Choose payment solutions


We will help you to easily connect your PayPal account.


We will help you to easily connect your Payson account.


We will help you to easily connect your Dibs account.


Now everyone in Sweden can accept payments for their products with Swish for E-commerce!

Swish is a complement to cash payments and other payment solutions.

You can read more about in on the Swedish Wiki page, or contact us!


Are you missing your favorite? Let us know and we will add it!


All payment solutions comes with reporting facilities based upon the service itself. Reports can be sent through email, SMS or by URL request.


The smartest webshop you can imagine.

No programming is needed, and we will help you with the setup.

We will connect the payment solutions you prefer, PayPal, Payson, Debitech, DIBS, Swish and more.

Add a link to your website and it's done! The webshop is of course mobile friendly.

The webshop can be used as an "app" to send payment requests. In it are your products available to choose from.

Could be suited for personnel on call, lock smiths or the local coffee shop.


Do you already have a webshop but need more payment solutions? Connect with our Check-Out and you will have as many as you need.

The service is connected to several common payment solutions (PayPal, Payson, Dibs, Swish for example) and you will get an instant notification when the payment is made.

Our solution makes it easy to send a payment request.

The recipient gets the payment info pre-filled in the mobile or via email and can pay with just a click.

Do you want to make payments easier for your customers and get an instant notification when they have paid?