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Interactive SMS - Format your message, attach files, interactive replies.

If you attach a file when sending an email to, we automatically transform your message to a Link-SMS. 

Link-SMS is as trustworthy as usual SMS and can be sent to recipients worldwide. 
Link-SMS has more features and uses, and it is also easier and cheaper than MMS. 

The recipient can read your text message at once. The link attached can be opened in the recipient cellphone or by using a computer.

 An SMS is delivered. Click the link...
 ...and the web view is opened!

Interactive replies

It is easy to respond to a Link-SMS. It is also possible for the recipient to attach a file in the response. 
If the recipient opens the message in his mobile phone he can choose to take a picture with his camera phone, record a video or sound or choose a file already on the phone, and then send it to you. 
It is also possible to add a geo-location tag in the answer using the option "Send
 My Position".

Send from Email

Send an SMS from your email, remember to attach a file.
The way you format you email it will be displayed in the web view, when it is sent by SMS it is unformatted and with no attachments.
mail compose

Send from Web interface

When logged on to the web interface you can easily send Link-SMS. 

Here you can set one text to be delivered as a SMS and then format the web view to contain much more. Add pictures, videos, sounds or documents you want the recipient to be able to download.
Add one or more recipients and then you have easy access to statistics to see the result of your message.

You can save a draft for later, send the message right away or schedule your message to automatically be sent later at a time you have chosen.

The standard feature is to automatically include the link at the bottom of the SMS
but if you wish, the link can be placed elsewhere. Just type --LINK_SMS-- where you want the link to be placed, in the SMS-part of your message. This also works when using the API.

Send from API

If you prefer, you can also send Link-SMS with our RESTapi


Link Tracking 

When you send a Link-SMS the links sent to the recipients are unique for each recipient. 
This means that you clearly can see who clicked on the link when logged on to your toolbox. 


You can choose when to send Link-SMS and how many of the characters in the message should be shown in the SMS.
The rest of the message is shown when clicking the link.

When will my message become a Link-SMS?

There are 4 different options:
  • Always- all of your messages sent will be sent as Link-SMS.
  • All kinds of attachments- if the message contains an attachment, the message will be sent as a Link-SMS
  • Manually added attachment - As soon as an Non embedded attachment is added by the user, the message will be sent as a Link-SMS. If you company logo is automatically attached as an embedded attachment to your email it will not be sent.* -This is the default setting on your account.
  • Never - No messages will be sent as Link-SMS.
*Please note that a file dragged from your desktop on to your email will become an embedded attachment in most cases. In those cases the file will not be sent using Link-SMS unless you have been in contact with the TellusTalk support to change the settings.

How many characters are shown when sending a Link-SMS?

When sending a Link-SMS approximately the first 140 characters will be sent as 1 SMS. The rest of the message will be shown when clicking on the link.
The part of the message shown in the SMS can be set to include up to about 1200 characters.

Available in many ways

The recipient can read your text message at once. The link attached can be opened in the recipient cellphone or by using a computer.


- Send invitations to events
- Order confirmations by SMS
- Let your customers take part of campaigns and deals.
- Recipients can reply with text, location(GPS) and pictures directly with their cellphone's built-in camera.
- Interact with your recipients using the flexible reply feature
- Send business cards using SMS
- Visitor registration in the reception - take a picture of the visitor and send it along with the visitor notification using SMS
- Message in your voicemail? Attach the sound file when the SMS notification is sent.
- Attach reports from alert systems in the SMS-alert, easier for the recipient to view the full report in the phone.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.